What is your favourite 64p Map?

Siege of Tobruk
Sidi Rezegh
Fall of Tobruk
Mersa Matruh
Alam Halfa
Operation Hyacinth
El Alamein
Operation Supercharge
Sidi Bou Zid
Mareth Line
Mount Olympus
Pointe du Hoc
Gold Beach
Omaha Beach
Port en Bessin
Purple Heart Lane
Villers Bocage
Ramelle Neuville
St. Lo Breakthrough
Operation Goodwood
Operation Cobra
Operation L├╝ttich
Operation Totalize
Falaise Pocket
Battle of Brest
Hurtgen Forest
St. Vith
Meuse River

Author Topic: 2.48 Favourite 64p Map thread  (Read 1758 times)

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Re: 2.48 Favourite 64p Map thread
« Reply #15 on: 25-02-2015, 00:02:28 »
Maybe they have a reason?

Maybe you missed the point of the post.

btw, the phrase 'for whatever reason' doesn't imply that there is no reason. Instead that there are multiple reasons that are insignificant.

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Re: 2.48 Favourite 64p Map thread
« Reply #16 on: 15-03-2015, 16:03:26 »
Port en Bessin
Gold Beach
Hurtgen Forest
St. Vith

I just cant get tired of those maps

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Re: 2.48 Favourite 64p Map thread
« Reply #17 on: 15-03-2015, 17:03:45 »
1. Hurtgen Wald - Fantastic map, fought in hills and forest and the last part of the map is glorius - exiting the dark hurtgenwald into the bright farmland of germeter.

2. Operation Goodwood - A FH2 Classic, a big map with long range parts and close quarters in the town, nice tankbattles aswell.

3. Lebisay - A nice map in the lush French country side. I love the push map with 3 different fronts. The beauty if this map is great!

4. Sfakia - I guess i like hillside maps. Sfakia got some great hand to hand battles going on. Also this map was my first love in FH2 :)

5. Girabub - Close quarter heaven. I like this tight fight with the italian weapons, its great.

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