Author Topic: FH2: Forgotten Maps [SP/COOP] DOWNLOAD [UPDATE 05/13/16]  (Read 41287 times)

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Re: FH2: Forgotten Maps [SP/COOP] DOWNLOAD [UPDATE 05/13/16]
« Reply #150 on: 19-11-2018, 04:11:42 »
Thank you for the testing and gathering these results! I don't know when or if I will be able to fix the CTDs - I ran into the same issues when I tested over the last weeks and was not able to find a definitive reason so far. But maybe I'll get around to invest some more time to look at them again. The minimap error happened to me once, but was fixed after a restart of the game. I'll look at nordwinds python, but so far I didn't get any python error log for it, tbh with you I have no idea what else could cause it.

Alright Darman! Thanks for your quick response! You see, after you said you're out of time to update the pack, I'm grateful you're still here running troubleshooting, so nothing to complain, at least from my part. Do whatever you can at the time you see fit. Anyway, the number of maps not working is quite small, the best of the pack is still kicking ass! About Operation Nordwind, can be something related to unique statics, as Slayer said. Maybe...

About Kasserine Pass, I agree with you. The complete overhaul the map deserves is quite a big task... But looking into you said, like bleed-conditions and spawn assets, can be a reeeeal stopgap to keep the map alive. By the way, if you put your hands on it, you could be kind and maybe exchange those M10s for some M3 Lees. The M3 is by far a helluva of a war machine, and as long as we don't need to go to real war inside one, I think it'll make the map more enjoyable. My two cents here...  ;)

Thanks for everything! I'll keep checking the thread for pleasant news!


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Re: FH2: Forgotten Maps [SP/COOP] DOWNLOAD [UPDATE 05/13/16]
« Reply #151 on: 19-11-2018, 20:11:37 »
Flagbug is a memory related issue, so when loading Nordwind takes up a load of memory it might cause that bug. I guess deleting unique statics might help there a bit?

Also, a simple game restart normally fixes it, no need to use repair function.
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