Author Topic: Is anyone willing to run a public HTroop v1.0b5 Server for me?  (Read 253 times)

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Hello All Battlefield 1942 Players! My name is Joshua Hales (known as Professor Smith on the Bf1942 Forums & Grand Admiral on the Servers).

I am the creator of my (not so mini) mini-mod for Bf1942, HTroop v1.0b5. I am seeking someone willing to download and install the client & server files for HTroop, and all other required mods (Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: The Road to Rome, Battlefield: Secret Weapons of World War II, Forgotten Hope, Eve of Destruction: The Indochina Vietnam Conflict, The Great War, Parallel World, Battlefield Pirates, Desert Combat, Desert Combat Final, and Silent Heroes), whose download links are located within HTroop's readme file, and run a public HTroop v1.0b5 Multiplayer (preferably co-op) Server.

Please contact me by replying to this post, through private messaging, or register at: , register as a new user, and contact me there. On, you will also find download links for HTroop. Thank You.
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