Author Topic: The n00bs guide to Forgotten Hope 2  (Read 1481 times)

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The n00bs guide to Forgotten Hope 2
« on: 07-11-2014, 19:11:56 »
Before you jump onto a server for the first time and burden others with your indecision, lack of basic knowledge about the basic equipment and game mechanics, PLAY SINGLEPLAYER

It's pretty solid gameplay and will teach you, among other things:
1. The discipline of working with a squad. Yes really
2. using realistic battle tactics of shooting and scoot and keeping mobile to defeat enemy and assault flag points.
3. basic understanding about FH2

SPAWN IN A SQUAD. Working in a squad shows you a lot more than you can figure out on your own. Watch the tricks and tactics used by the squad players who survive longest. Follow squad captains. Don't spawn in a squad and then wander off doing your own thing. Large squads, and more importantly, squads working together serve as the fist that breaks past the enemy defenses.
Spawn on your squad captain, and form a RING OF FIRE around him i.e. Move on your objectives beyond him, so that he stays alive long enough to remain an active rally point. If you spawn and just sit on him, he will eventually be killed and your squad rendered impotent, especially if the enemy is following this next point.

BE AGGRESSIVE. Victory belongs to the bold. Many rifle kills are done at point blank range by a guy firing from the hip. Move, and keep moving. Dont stick around, waiting for a nade to kill all of you. This rule, however, doesnt mean, spawn and just run out in the open. There are players whose entire game career has been established by them target-shooting people running in the open like a bunch of Muppets.

Instead, shoot and scoot. Remember the last scene of Saving private Ryan? Yes! Like the Germans did it to take Ramelle. Fire and move. Fire and move.

Ultimately, if you have a squad leader who doesn't run at the head of his squad, screaming at real-time threats appearing in front of him (like he who shall not be named), if your squad is moving in unison on its targets, each person fire and maneuvering, the enemy has no choice but to fall back, firing fruitlessly as they do.

Keep the initiative firmly in your teams's hand and keep the enemy off his stroke.

GOOD LUCK! And welcome to what is still one of the finest WWII Mods Games out there.
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