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AT/AP mines and recon kit
« on: 16-06-2014, 01:06:48 »
1. can you make the markers of teh at/apmines mor visible?
(maybe like the yellow mine flags just the yellow mark - because the dark red can maybe not be seen so well)

2. is it possible that the mines like the german smine can be positioned more Underground do only the head is visible?
ive noticed that the mines will ofte be detected by the enemy when they layed on Stone ground or something like that

3. can the mines only be used by the sabbers (together with the detector maybe)
because ive noticed that the recon squad will be often only used because of the mines
so These will be much often used for the role - recon and not laying mines for defense
for the sniper is it ok because hes often alone for securing his back

4. if this not succeds - can the recon kit maybe limited to the number of artillery  available on the map?
 (example: one mortar 2 spotters)
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