Author Topic: Maps for 100 players?  (Read 365 times)

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Maps for 100 players?
« on: 07-05-2014, 14:05:13 »
the 2 most popular Servers are 762 #1 and#2 and both of them have a amount of 100 Player Slots

so maybe im wrong but is it really good for the mapbalance that they are made for only 64 Players?

maps like
Point du hoc
Operation hyacinth

seems to be much too unbalanced for 100 Players in my eyes

on the one Hand: the game is made for 64 Players but the fact is that a game with 100 Player is much better

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Re: Maps for 100 players?
« Reply #1 on: 07-05-2014, 22:05:04 »
Although I don't see a real suggestion in your post, I think I agree with what you're thinking about. I believe that there should be a discussion about a lot of the maps and how they weren't designed for the higher player count. Maybe this thread can become a good place for devs and players to discuss some possible compromises or designs to deal with this disconnect.

I've thought about this problem on and off before; the only thing I've come up with is the addition of a new map layer that is made for 100ish players. (16/32/64/100 player layers) Although you run into problems implementing larger map layers and where this problem might fall on the devs priority list. Maybe if the community comes up with map specific ways to accommodate 100ish players, it would lighten the load on the critical thinking the devs need to put in to make this a possibility.

I do think this is a good discussion to have tho; because as it stands currently there are a lot of 64 versions of maps that can't accommodate the player numbers the server allows.   

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Re: Maps for 100 players?
« Reply #2 on: 08-05-2014, 08:05:50 »
 They are not getting 100 players every day. The enthusiasm has cooled off a bit.

Perhaps on the weekends.

Now when the eastern front is released you may see some USA & Russian servers pop up, but not all would have 100 players since it is a private code & im not sure 762 would share it.

 I like Matt's idea of 100 player layers. On some maps it would be possible to say; extend the out of bounds, create another flag & add some extra vehicles

 Falaise Pocket & Purple Heart Lane come to mind as examples.