Author Topic: Squad Bug in a Different way?  (Read 355 times)

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Squad Bug in a Different way?
« on: 20-04-2014, 02:04:47 »
Was just playing some sidi rezegh when I noticed that I couldn't create a squad. Now sometimes squad bugs happen and idk what causes them or exactly what they are. I know that no new squads can be created and I don't think you can join any existing squads.

This time tho there were 2 squads, Able and Charlie, (Baker squad must've been started and disbanded at the beginning of the round).

After a while I hoped out of Able (that I started in) and tried to create a 3rd squad. But kept getting the message "Charlie squad already exists"

It seems it wouldn't let me create a 3rd squad because Charlie was already the 3rd squad so nobody after that could create a squad on the team. Idk if this is what happens with the 'squad bug' that we all know happens from time to time. But I've never seen it before and I was wondering if maybe it was a result of the 'name change' that occurred for the squads after 2.46.

Just thought I'd bring it to your attention ;)

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Re: Squad Bug in a Different way?
« Reply #1 on: 20-04-2014, 12:04:41 »
Usually the Charlie Squad should stay as Squad 3. So even when the Baker squad disappears, Charlie is still squad three and when you open a new one you will have the Squad 2. But that it fucks up when Charlie is Squad 2 and Squad 3 will be automatically called Charlie as well is nothing that surprises me. THe only thing I can imagine is, that someone opened a custom squad and called it Charlie. I'm quite sure it would have worked if you opened a custom fireteam with any name by the way.