Author Topic: New HTroop News!.....Also, Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue?  (Read 269 times)

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     This is Professor Smith, regarding the newest on HTroop, my mini-mod for Bf1942.  I have made sure that HTroop requires all of the other mods from which I have received permission to use their material.  My Bro Morphos, is working on some professional videos to best show both all of your's, other's, and my work.  Morphos' live stream, where we will be streaming HTroop as soon as I get this last problem fixed (see below):

     The issue I am having is that some of the maps (not all) are loading, then the clients join, but after the clients select their spawnpoints, they cannot spawn into that spawnpoint.  The counter counts downward, and it says select spawnpoint, allows you to select it, then resets the counter when you hit done or press enter.

     Any ideas why said maps are doing this?

     One other thing.  After reading a bunch of different & opposing opinions on this subject by some very well known modders, I am still confused about whether every map's coop.con files should have this format or not:

if v_arg1 == host
Game.setNumberOfTickets 1 100
Game.setNumberOfTickets 2 100
Game.setTicketLostPerMin 1 7
Game.setTicketLostPerMin 2 7

run SinglePlayer/SoldierSpawnTemplates
run SinglePlayer/SoldierSpawns
run SinglePlayer/SpawnpointManagerSettings
run SinglePlayer/ObjectSpawnTemplates
run SinglePlayer/ControlPointTemplates

if v_arg1 == host

run ai
run SinglePlayer/ObjectSpawns
run SinglePlayer/ControlPoints



     Any solid, for sure statements about this?

Thank You,

Professor Smith
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