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Re: Omaha Beach 64
« Reply #45 on: 06-05-2015, 06:05:05 »
Oh, well put. Although in my case I prefer just to do away with any sort of push layout. Best to open up all flags to prevent any sort of bogging down and to implement conquest assault lines instead to have the final flag as the ultimate yet optional treat for the attacker.

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Re: Omaha Beach 64
« Reply #46 on: 06-05-2015, 15:05:34 »
I feel like assault maps should generally be balanced to slightly favor the attacking team. This is just because if they do much better than the defense then they cap everything, moving the server along to a new map at no real loss.

Yeah that is also my view tbh. On a map like Omaha, the attacking team winning is the preferred "dramaturgy". Doesn't make the first sector any easier or less epic.

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Re: Omaha Beach 64
« Reply #47 on: 04-09-2015, 11:09:09 »
I kinda miss a MG42 class in this map.

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Re: Omaha Beach 64
« Reply #48 on: 04-09-2015, 20:09:16 »
I think the Germans will be a little too overpowered if the map had a selection MG42.

Besides there is a MG42 pickup kit in the center house close to the beach. :)

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Re: Omaha Beach 64
« Reply #49 on: 08-02-2016, 14:02:17 »
2.5 changelog for Omaha Beach 64

  • The last flag (Church) now unlocks after a delay of 60 seconds to give defenders time to fall back and clear out "early birds".
  • Fixed some crates and boxes at the beach stop being rendered by the engine at a too short range, "uncovering" players behind them to the other team.
  • Blocked the space under all bunk beds (no more hiding under them).
  • Fixed missing "LIMITED" text in the German grenadier kit.
  • Unique equipment: the LCVP boats lost the ability to travel overland and one of the two .30 cal MGs.
  • Unique equipment: the Mk12 5in Naval Gun (the destroyer) got a sound upgrade thanks to Hybrid V (an applicant). Also fixed the switch-to-ammo delay being shorter than the reload time which could be exploited to fire the guns faster than intended.