Author Topic: Speed back the trucks!  (Read 3348 times)

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Re: Speed back the trucks!
« Reply #45 on: 14-09-2009, 13:09:15 »
Havoc, you have to realize that some people will raise the sensitivity of their mouse to get tank turrets to turn faster than they should.  Some higher end mice even have special buttons on them that instantly change the sensitivity.  There is nothing the Devs can do to prevent this, it's just a by-product of the game being on the PC.  Learn to live with it, or buy a better mouse with insta-change sensitivity to compete with these people.

Also, unless you were lagging or got killed by a different Tiger than you were paying attention to, the Tiger should not be able to hit you if his turret is turned the other way.  Something seems fishy about what happened there, but the turret speed on the tanks seems fine as it is right now.
Ooh, you solve another case for me! Some days ago I was looking at a Tiger and it turret moved as fast as a Shermans one, I thought I was daydreaming but your theory about mouse sensitivity explains everything.
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Re: Speed back the trucks!
« Reply #46 on: 14-09-2009, 13:09:47 »
ya i know, i think in Red Orchestra (Darkest Hour) when your a tank commander you have binoculars at your disposal while you can look for targets from the turret which is pretty realistic...and about my cromewell/tiger engagement it did come up on the kills saying i was killed by a tiger and im pretty sure i wasnt killed by another tiger cos this was on operation totalize the canadian map...because i looked around for other enemy tanks, which there wasn't any so i went to flank the tiger, but it killed me without moving its turret all the way round to fire at me, unless he hit me with a lucky shot from the rear...
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Re: Speed back the trucks!
« Reply #47 on: 14-09-2009, 18:09:57 »
you have binocs in RO vanilla aswell