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The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« on: 25-01-2014, 00:01:39 »
If you had every weapon in FH2 available to you, what would be your ultimate kit for each scenario? 8)

So you can grab anything, MG42 and some potato mashers, silenced Sten with Molotov Cocktails, a shotgun and some AP mines, everything is up for grabs. Let’s say you wanna clean out a series of trenches or houses, or you wanna sneak through the bocage and hunt down those tanks that have been pestering you, what’s the greatest kit you could assemble for that purpose and why?

So the scenarios can be kind of vague (I just started with some basic FH2 kits and what I think their ultimate incarnations would be 8)) and if you want to create map specific kits you can do that too. I wanted this to be really open and see what everyone’s favorite weapons are, what they play well with and how they would play with each given kit.

Now this can’t be too open ended (making a kit with an mg42 and an mg 34 and 12 Bomba a Manos with a mortar etc…) so I put in a few basic rules to follow by and create your own kit. Feel free to use my templates and create your own version of my kits as well as your own ideas for kits. You can even bend the rules for the kits a bit because this is totally fictional after all ;)   

So for the rules: You get a total of 7 weapon slots in your inventory. The first slot has to be a melee weapon, the second has to be a sidearm, the third your main weapon, the fourth is for grenades, the fifth and six are for special weapons etc… and you can add a seventh slot with binoculars or an ammo box if you give up your 5th or 6th weapon slot. You’ll see what I mean.

Slot 1: Melee Weapons (Knives/ Bayonets/ Shovels/ Pitchfork/ Bare Hands) exceptions: (you can only equip a bayonet as long as you have the rifle for it)
Slot 2: Sidearm (Handguns) exceptions: (you can upgrade the handgun to a shotgun or a carbine by giving away slot 5 & 6) (if you upgrade your handgun you don’t get to add slot 7)
Slot 3: Weapon (Rifles/ Submachine Guns/ Light Machine Guns/ Mortars/ Tripod Deployed Weapons/ Anti-Tank Weapons like PIAT/Bazooka/Panzerfaust)
Slot 4: Grenades (Frag or Smoke Grenades) exceptions: (Rifle Grenades Don’t Count) (Bomba L Mano classified as explosive)
Slot 5: Explosives OR Mines (Satchels/ Magnetic Grenades/ Sticky Grenades/ Bomba L Mano) (AP or AT mines)
Slot 6: Special Weapons (Incendiary Grenade/ Molotov Cocktail/ Rifle grenades/Wrench) (Must have Rifle to equip Rifle Grenades)
Slot 7: Binoculars or Ammo Box (You can only use this slot if you give away slot 5 OR 6)
Slot 8: Bandages (as many as the NCO gets because this is the ultimate kit :P)

So here’s my interpretation of the ultimate FH2 kits 8)

Recon: (someone who supports their team by spotting targets, calling in arty, taking out targets from a distance and sabotaging enemy operations)
Slot 1: Fairbairn & Sykes Commando Knife
Slot 2: Browning High Power (with stock :P)
Slot 3: G43 ZF
Slot 4: Nebeleihandgranate 42
Slot 5: None
Slot6: S-Mines
Slot 7: Binoculars

Assault: (specializes in close quarters, clearing trenches, bunkers etc..)
Slot 1: M1918 Trench Knife
Slot 2: Winchester Model 12
Slot 3: Beretta Model 38a
Slot 4: Bomba a Mano OTO Model 35
Slot 5: None
Slot 6: None

Riflemen: (kind of an all-around kit, good from a distance, or close range)
Slot 1: Pitchfork
Slot 2: Colt M1911
Slot 3: M1 Garand
Slot 4: Steilhandgranate 43
Slot 5: S- Mine
Slot 6: M1 Garand HEAT Grenade

Support: (someone who can sit back and suppress the enemy, using themselves as an area denial weapon) 
Slot 1: Spade
Slot 2: Luger
Slot 3: MG42 Lafette
Slot 4: Nebeleihandgranate 42
Slot 5: None
Slot 6: S-Mine
Slot 7: Ammo Box

Anti-Tank: (tank hunting at its finest 8))
Slot 1: Entrenchment Tool
Slot 2: Browning High Power
Slot 3: Pazerfaust 100 because I’m awful with the Panzerschreck :P
Slot 4: Nebeleihandgranate 42
Slot 5: Hafthohlladung
Slot 6: Molotov Cocktail

Feel free to bend the rules a bit or create your own and make some new classes (Commando, Mortar, whatever you can think of)

Here are a few examples;

The Paratrooper Special: (just a couple of badass paratrooper specific weapons and some nades you also get a Parachute :P)
Slot 1: M1918 Trench Knife
Slot 2: M1A1 Carbine
Slot 3: FG42 ZF (of course)
Slot 4: Bomba a Mano OTO Model 35
Slot 5: None
Slot 6: None
Slot 7: Parachute

Jerry’s Dream:
Slot 1: Spade
Slot 2: Luftwaffen-Drilling M30
Slot 3: STG 44
Slot 4: Steilhandgranate 43

Ik these rules aren’t perfect but the idea was that these kits are meant to be overpowered & ridiculous & what you’ve always wished to find in a barn on an FH2 map :D

Hope you guys have fun with this, I wanna know what everyone’s favorite kit in FH2 would be.   


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Re: The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« Reply #1 on: 25-01-2014, 00:01:45 »
01: Gravity knife
02: Browning Hi-Power
03: Kar98
04: Tellermine
05: Gross Gewehr Panzergranate 40
06: Dienstglas
07: Bandaid :D
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Re: The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« Reply #2 on: 25-01-2014, 01:01:04 »
I could see you doing some real damage with that Christie ;)

Something I'd like to find on Villers

Somone Raided the Ammo Bunker:
Slot 1: Spade
Slot 2: Browning High Power
Slot 3: STG 44 ZF
Slot 4: Nebeleihandgranate 42
Slot 5: Hafthohlladung
Slot 6: none
Slot 7: Binos

Or a Brit AT

Panzer Beware:
Slot 1: Fairbairn & Sykes
Slot 2: Sten
Slot 3: PIAT
Slot 4: No 77 Smoke
Slot 5: Mk V AT Mine

Oh the things I could do with those kits :o

EDIT: Still thinking of more:


Slot 1: Bare Hands (because fuck logic)
Slot 2: Luger
Slot 3: M1A1 Flame Thrower
Slot 4: Molotov Cocktail
Slot 5: Incendiary Grenade (which I don't even know if you can hurt someone with)
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Re: The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« Reply #3 on: 26-01-2014, 21:01:13 »
Slot 1Claymore
Slot 2Stocked HiPower
Slot 3KP 31 (71 rnd drum)
Slot 4Petrol Bomb x2
Slot 5No.73 Thermos Bomb x2
Slot 6
Slot 7Binoculars
Slot 8Bandages x3
Slot 9Parachute

I call this the Flintoff All-Rounder Special.
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Re: The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« Reply #4 on: 26-01-2014, 22:01:17 »

1. Bayonet
2. M1911
3. Scoped Springfield
4. Grenade x 3
5. Bazooka or Flamethrower
6. M2-mines
7. Binocs


1. Hitlerjugend knife
2. Luger
3. STG 44
4. Smoke nades x 3
5. Panzerfaust 60m
6. MG 42 Lafette
7. Binocs

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Re: The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« Reply #5 on: 29-01-2014, 14:01:46 »
/k/ombat engineer:
1. Entrenchment tool (HAKKU PÄÄHÄN!)
2. Browning Hi-Power (dat mag cap)
3. M1 Garand (the rifle I find the easiest to aim and semi-auto to boot)
4. Stielhandgranate 43 (dat range makes riflenades almost unnecessary)
5. Hafthohlladung (kills tonks most reliably)
6. Wrench (if I find an abandoned gun or want to drive)
Would operate with this kit 90% of the time

Room/trench clearing kit:
1. Faibairn-Sykes (compromise between reach and speed)
2. Browning Hi-Power (still dat magcap)
3. M1A1 flamethrower (can into area denial or indirect fire and doesn't need to be aimed)
4. Mills bomb (killiest hand grenade)
5. Thermos mini-nukes (because)
7. Ammo box (fuel drum)
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Re: The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« Reply #6 on: 29-01-2014, 14:01:58 »
Shotguneer of destruction.
1.M1918 Trench noif (because badass)
2. Commando Hi Power with stock and shitton of magazines for it.
3. Winchester M12
4. Mills Nuke.
5. Thermos/Sticky/Bomba L mano
6. Petrol Bomb
7. Bandages
Yuuuup, so much explosives.

Anti Tank.
1. M1918 Trench noif
2. M1911
3. Bazooka
4. Mk2 grenade
5. Thermos nuke
6. Perol bomb.
7. Bandages
Because ridiculous amount of explosives are the shit!
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Re: The Ultimate FH2 Kit
« Reply #7 on: 29-01-2014, 19:01:20 »

Oh wait you can't be equiped with a rifle if you carry a faust ::)