Author Topic: [Material/Damage] Tiger invulnerable to satchel charges  (Read 801 times)

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Orginally posted by Eat Uranium:

Since I have yet to use the tiger online, I placed one temporarily into Fall of Tobruk so I could test it out and find weakspots.

I found that nowhere you put them; gabalt ladung 3kgs, sticky bombs, thermos bombs, and satchel charges do either nothing or next to nothing in the way of damage to the tiger. I could accept this with the sticky bombs, but I fing it hard to beleive that a satchel charge on top of the engine housing or under the chassis would do no damage. Tested with one of each in the following places: engine deck, on top of the cupola, ontop of the tank tracks (close to the gap), and on the ground under the tank.

Is this a bug or was the tiger that invulnerable to handheld explosives in such weakspots.