Author Topic: Logictech 3D Extreme No Ui?  (Read 439 times)

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Logictech 3D Extreme No Ui?
« on: 14-07-2013, 23:07:47 »
Hey Guys,

When i plug in the joystick my ui completely disappears(cant select spawn point, open map, etc.). When i restart FH2 and unplug it the ui is back. Any ideas?   
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Re: Logictech 3D Extreme No Ui?
« Reply #1 on: 25-07-2013, 13:07:53 »
Well, plug the joystick before starting FH. If you plug it after it won't work anyway, it might also be the cause of your extra problems.
Or some sort of compatibility problem between your joystick and BF2 but it would be surprising, according to a quick google search some people have used it successfully in that game.  ;)