Author Topic: BF 1918 3.2 map creator SEARCH for new stuff!  (Read 357 times)

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BF 1918 3.2 map creator SEARCH for new stuff!
« on: 07-06-2013, 14:06:26 »
[size=150]Battlefield 1918 3.2 vision real[/size]

Hi guys,

We search a Mapper for the BF 1918 Mod.
Because i stay in contact with a guy which have modding some stuff for it.
He is one of the Devs from the ex 1918 Team (coding, skinning,modding).
He cannot mapping maps for bring all the new stuff in.
Thats why we ask the community for?
Did you have interest to mapping new maps for the new BF 1918 stuff?
The stuff created guy have the Promission for work on BF1918 and give you the green light for mapping new official BF 1918 maps, for a BF 1918n 3.2 comming Release.

Do you the right guy for this Job?

Dont wait, please write me a PM and i bring you in contact with this guy?!