Author Topic: Push mode adjusment. Please add time limit for attacking side.  (Read 1508 times)

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Theoretically you could do this by adding attacker tickets every time a stage is taken on sector push (and of course giving them fewer tickets to begin with).

Im ready to go with counter offer. Time limits could feel too much of forcing. FH2 game world is free and loose.

In PR they have capture bonus for the flags, so it can be done. I think Ts4EVER proposal is worth of testing how it plays out in sector push mode.   

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There could be a lot of reasons why these maps are failing. I know on some of them, when we are pushed into our assholes and trying to find a way to flank or break through the enemy line, there are times when the out of bounds prevents us from using an avenue of approach.

Sometimes there is not enough weapons for support, or weapons are too difficult to employ for their purposes (the clumbsy feel of automatic rifles is a good example).

Sometimes there are flags where static objects are placed in such arrangements, and flag zones are so small, that players are forced to run through bottle necks which are easily defended, and capture flags which any skilled mortar man can quickly clear with a single round.

There is a lack of control on most FH2 servers. Its very vanilla, where players are going off in groups of 1 to 2 people and by luck or the hand of god are breaking through lines.

I hate squad leader spawns. As much as I hate to put it like that, but when you are trying to press an advantage, one man bailing out of a jeep in the sector will spawn in a whole crowd of reinforcements rendering your hard won minor victory void.

A whole array of things.

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Push mode itself is a fail.

You cannot expect this to work on a game that heavily depends on  teamwork and personal skill.

If say, a team is smart enough to divert their players into the open flags, there is no possibility for attacking team(if not well organized) to capture one of them and run to the other one.(Usually there will retards who camp with their vehicles instead of helping capture, so you're doomed)

If you want this to become working, you should open like 3 flags, and when attackers capture a single flag(or two), it's theirs. Time to move onto the next one. Group of flags means defenders can recapture, which is I think is not a logical thing in warfare. It's like capturing the docks before capturing the Red square, if you know what I mean.
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^ It's logical if you think about it Erwin, it's called counterattack before the enemy digs in to reclaim the lost position, stall the enemy advance and regain the initiative.

Push mode works, but it instantly becomes harder for the attackers to a advance if they don't focus on a single flag. On the other hand when they break through a sector defenders have no choice but to retreat. However push mode (coupled with increased player limits on popular servers and certain server rules with flags that are badly spaced out) means that the attackers have very few choices of flanking the defenders and are instead forced to bash their heads against an unmovable wall for prolonged periods of time, which isn't really enjoyable for anyone.

Tl, dr. Push mode works, some maps are still badly balanced, we shouldn't be going off our experiences with 80+ players because the maps weren't designed for that anyway.
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It works on maps which were designed for that like Hurtgen Forest and St. Vith. These maps are big enough and offers enough space to fight for. On these maps some players more than 64 arenĀ“t a gamebreaker.

You can find more problems on smaller  maps like Battle of Brest or Tunis or on maps on which this mode was implemented after other modes prooved for a lot of patches like Falaise Pocket, Supercharge, Purple Heart Lane, Bardia just to mention a few examples.

I said it before, but the Push mode (and the full on attack mode) are not the holy grail of game design.

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Push mode was introduced to avoid people breaking gameplay by sneaking to the back and achieve a "breakthrough" as sitting in behind and waiting for a guy to sneak through for defenders isn't fun at all and the fun is to get into action in front. If you like, you can think of it as playing in a different battle setup when a flag is captured, which is essentially equivalent to how a push mode gameplay is played.

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