What is your favourite FH2 map and why?

Battle of Keren
Siege of Giarabub
Siege of Tobruk
Invasion of Crete
The Battle for Sfakia
Sidi Rezegh
Fall of Tobruk
Mersa Matruh
Alam Halfa
Operation Hyacinth
El Alamein
Operation Supercharge
Sidi Bou Zid
Mareth Line
Mount Olympus
Point du Hoc
Port en Bessin
Purple Heart Lane
Villers Bocage
Ramelle Neuville
St Lo Breakthrough
Operation Goodwood
Operation Cobra
Operation Luettich
Operation Totalize
Falaise Pocket
Battle of Brest
Hurtgen Forest
St Vith
Meuse River

Author Topic: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2  (Read 1652 times)

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2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« on: 29-12-2012, 16:12:47 »
Since 2.45 has been released for quite a while now, it is time for another one of these. Which 5 maps do you like best? Please also include a short description why and if you got extra time please also write which map makes you leave the server when it comes up.

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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #1 on: 29-12-2012, 16:12:03 »
Bardia: With new tweaks its awesome.

Sfakia: Ditto.

Sidi Bou Zid: I like the environment, plus its the only North Africa map with Americans, that makes it unique.

St. Lo: Nice map overall, control points are really fun to attack or defend.

Vossenack: Solid gameplay, kinda same as above.

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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #2 on: 29-12-2012, 16:12:42 »
"St Vith" is a nice map.


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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #3 on: 29-12-2012, 17:12:43 »
-Operation Totalize(Epic canadians vs Strong defending germans in a map wich is a test of teamwork for the allied team)
-Sidi bou zid(American Pre 1943 weapons/vehicles are my favorite :>)
-Mareth line(Classic FH2 mareth line. I can never grow tired of fighting on this map. Both Allies as Axis. And now it has been extra seasoned with a CHURCHILL TANK)
-Siege of giarabub(My Italian FH2 classic aswel. i love this map)

Maps that make me leave the server=
-Ramelle neuville.   Go back to the shadow!
-Sfakia (I just dislike this map, its meh)
-Alam Halfa (Its just to big of a panzer killwhore fest)
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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #4 on: 29-12-2012, 17:12:23 »
Operation Cobra: I like it for the planes and the 88s. The map has still potential to get better (sector push, 88 variants...) but it still is very fun to play as long as I dont take the tanks.

Eppeldorf: Well balanced map with good infantry fight in the town and on the hill.

Operation Luettich: Again, well balanced map with good vehicle/infantry ratio.

Operation Totalize: Has awesome planes and tanks. It also has those real 88s. I love to take down planes with it although I get killed very often recently because anything on the battlefield knows where they are. I would like to have mobile 88s, like I would like them on Cobra.

Porte en Bessin: This maps looks gorgeous and has the WASP, the best vehicle ingame when playing against infantry.

-Maps that make me leave instantly:

Most of the africa maps; either they are: Defenders in trenches who get pounded by arty against attackers with tanks and arty or they are massive meatgrinders like Siege of Tobruk.

Ramelle can be very ugly to play although it has its moments sometimes.

EDIT: Absolutely love to find errors after posting...

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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #5 on: 29-12-2012, 17:12:02 »
Purple Heart Lane : Has a nice and balanced sector push system with a good amount of flanking space too. Best infantry map in the game IMO.

Operation Cobra: My favourite Air map. Just all around a great Battlefield style map.

Vossenack: Large map with a nice variety of tanks. Capping flags is extremely fun because of the flanking opportunities this map offers.

St.lo: Capturing and defending flags on this map is so much fun. Some of the best times I've ever had in FH2 have been on Hill 108. Fun map on both sides.

Bastogne: Again a nice variety of Allied and Axis vehicles. Attacking and defending flags is fun and rewarding.

Map that makes me leave is St.vith: Very unbalanced. I've only seen germans win 3 or 4 times on this map. Very easy for americans and extremely hard for germans.

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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #6 on: 29-12-2012, 17:12:45 »
Favourite maps:

Operation Lüttich: Tanks, a town and a real "bocage feeling" fighting in those hedges

Operation Totalize: Tanks, combat on far range (fix the tank system and it gets back to its former glory)

Meuse River: Tanks and a giant village/town for FH2 standards to fight in

Falaise pocket: Tanks, a real challenge both defending and attacking. It comes down to who is the better coordinated team on this map.

Operation Cobra: Tanks, combat on far range. It´s the biggest tank map outside of crappy Northa Afrika. Air-combat (although there should be less FW190s and better Flaks. Those things don´t do shit even though you hit the target with 20 shots.)


Leaving the server most of the time: North Afrika maps. I see a lot of people complaining about those maps and they are right. they are plain fucking boring. There are some lucky people who get tanks/ aircraft and the rest has to fight as useless infantry. There are no hedges etc. and often enough not enough Jeeps etc. and you are stuck in the desert. If you finally get a truck etc. you are propably dead when the enemy spots you on those wide ranged battlefields. There is no flow in the gameplay like on Euro-maps. Throw in the current range modifier for tank combat and even tank combat becomes a pain.

To sum it up: Good maps have tanks and are set in the European theatre of war.

Why are you so keen on tanks, Butcher? If I wanted to fight as infantry mostly, I would play Counter Strike. :P
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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #7 on: 29-12-2012, 17:12:37 »
My top 5 maps so far:
1. Sidi Bou Zid- I love Americans in Africa scenario (Sadly servers ignore this map :()
2. Operation Totalize- Very fun and pretty map overall
3. Villers Bocage- Great tank battles here
4. Siege of Tobruk- Nice big map but difficult to attack which I like
5. Meuse River- Even with new layout, it's still pretty fun
6.(Not listed) El Alamein- A great tank battle, a classic  ;)

Maps that make me leave the server:
1. Battle of Brest- I just dislike this map,(tanks are too OP IMO)
2. Sfakia- Like Theta, it's a "meh"

That is all for now, :)
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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #8 on: 29-12-2012, 17:12:55 »
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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #9 on: 29-12-2012, 18:12:55 »
Oops, forgot Hyacinth. One of my fav North Africa maps, its a shame it isnt played on the server since the SP experience of it isnt that good.  :(

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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #10 on: 29-12-2012, 19:12:54 »
My favorites
Operation Goodwood: It is just great to play as brits in this map, specially when you have the firefly
Giarabub: Great Infantry map, with quite even chances of victory for both sides
Sfakia: Another great infantry map, really awesome to play as both sides.
El Alamein: Great map overall in my opinion
Villers Bocage: Another great tank map

Honorable mentions to Tunis, Hyacinth, Supercharge, Fall of Tobruk, Crete, Lebisey, Brest, St. Lo, Falaise Pocket, Keren, Luttich, Vossenack, Meuse River, Port en Bessin and Purple Heart Lane!

Maps that make me leave the server:

Sidi Bou Zid: Hate this map, quite boring
Bastogne/Eppeldorf: Depending of my mood i wil play, but usually i leave, those maps are over played....
Sidi Rezegh: Not really a fun map
Ramelle: Again depending of my mood i'll play, but usually i leave.
Cobra: Too overplayed


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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #11 on: 30-12-2012, 04:12:30 »
5 Favorite and 5 Worst. I'll give them ratings based on how much fun they are for technical stuff like looks, layout, experience of how they play, weapon and vehicle loadouts, etc. "Too overplayed" isn't a map complaint, it's a server complaint.



Always a good time, equally fun for tankers and crunchies.


- Very good looking
- Reasonably balanced
- Solid amount of pick-up kits


- I don't like maps that don't let one team's tanks/vehicles spawn until the other team is dominating
- Making Bastogne cappable as soon as Mont is taken is annoying, there's always some noob German squad just outside Bastogne fausting the American tanks that should've spawned 20 minutes ago, waiting to back cap Bastogne even if 2/3rds of the middle flags are in American hands.

What I'd Change:

Make Bastogne flags cappable when the Germans have every other flag and give the Allies the tanks at the start of the round. I understand it might be more fair for the Germans to have them wait to spawn, but it's not fair for the Americans when half the team is standing around at their main, not wanting to defend the first few flags or they get no tanks.


Still one of the best maps in the mod, a nice open tank map with lots to do and allows for good battles.


- Unlike a lot of maps we could mention (Meuse and so on), the city bit of the map is an actual city, with buildings you can go into and out of. A lot of maps just have buildings with no entrance, so you don't so much feel like soldiers clearing the enemy out of town house-by-house, so much as you feel like some alley cats growling at each other. But Goodwood isn't like this, there's often a fight for the town completely independent of the larger tank battle.


- Kinda annoying flag layout
- More variety in vehicles might be nice.

What I'd change:

I HATE HATE HATE the flag layout apart from Cagny. Grentheville is too close to the German main, it's impossible for the Brits not to spawn rape and it's impossible for the Germans not to fire from an uncap. Even more frustrating is the way the railway line divides the map: 9 out of every 10 rounds on Goodwood has 2 Panthers and the King Tiger sitting on the German side of the railway underpass, around the corner from 2 Cromwells and a Firefly, each waiting for the other to go first to get an easy 1-shot kill to the side. Fucking annoying on a map that should be fluid tank combat. I think it would be way more fun to make the map bigger, move Grentheville to the far south of the map and make it the German main, and then do away with the Out-of-Bounds lines. So you'd have the whole map as it is now, but no Grentheville bullshit, and both teams' tanks can be both sides of the railway line.

With this would come a change in vehicles. My suggestion, bearing in mind how epic this map is with 100ish people and how scarce tanks become when there's that many people:


4 x Sherman V
4 x Cromwell
2 x Firefly
2 x Churchill
1 x Cromwell VI
1 x Achilles


4 x Panther A
2 x Marder I
2 x StuG 40
2 x Panzer III L (the Lebisey one)
1 x Puma
1 x Jagdpanther
1 x King Tiger


One of the prettiest maps in the mod now and it's gotten even better since the patch.


- Appeals to all kinds of players, tankers and pilots and infantry and all the rest of it.
- Good vehicle loadout.


- The map is usually a rape for the Allies. The 88s are useless because of the stupid shields on them,
and all the Flak just bounces off. Normally I think people just moan whenever their favorite weapon doesn't instantly destroy anything they aim at but the flak really is completely useless now, and on a map with 4 rocket/bomb planes it's kinda lame.

What I'd change:

I really like the addition of Sector Push on this map, but it also causes one of the biggest problems: Farmhouse is so close to the German main that any Allied tanks coming through their can barely help themselves spawn raping, since even if they should be going to the city, to do so they have to drive by a giant ravine where they know they can 1-shot all the German tanks miles below them. The German tankers, knowing this, can't help but drive up the hill and attack the uncap Farmhouse, since to be fair it really is the closest flag to their main and logically they should be attacking it.

So, I propose a change to the flags: make the southern American base a German outpost at the beginning of the round. Give it a PaK and a StuG/Marder/Hetzer or something, not a serious flag but something for the Allies to attack before Farmhouse. Make the main Allied base the only Allied base. Keep Watermill as it is, but make this new flag the pair with Watermill for Sector Push (the 2 flags that can't be recapped once lost).

Now, instead of all this bullshit at the middle/bottom of the map, it's the new flag and Watermill for the first line of defense. The Farmhouse flag becomes like the other 4, and can be capped/recapped by both teams throughout the round. Sound like fun? Another thing that shouldn't be too hard to add is trenches for the Germans, and some non-flag defenses and spawnpoints in the forest in the middle of the map, and around the lake.

Invasion of Crete

Still my favorite map in the mod, awesome awesome awesome.


- Unique, offers a great challenge to both teams
- Awesome pick-up kits
- Looks mega after the visual updates


- Give all the German spawn kits a chute. Most noobs don't realize only 2 spawn kits have chutes, so why bother? It doesn't make that much of a difference, just let them all have chutes so we aren't pissing anyone off.
- I would really like to see some light vehicles added to this map, I really think it would add an interesting dynamic. Other than that, no complaints!

What I'd change:

I would add some vehicles to spice things up a bit:


2 x Vickers they have now (spawning at Hill)
1 x Vickers @ Monastery
1 x Matilda @ Suda Bay, like in FH1 (which was never a problem, and remember, no HE shells)


2 x Panzer II when they take Hill
1 x Panzer II when they take Suda Bay
1 x Sdkfz 222 when they take Suda Bay

..and a few Hanomags sprinkled in.

Falaise Pocket

Another map that got a facelift, and it plays much better now than it used to


- Always a tough fight for both sides. Like Ramelle, for whatever reason everyone seems to try twice as hard on Falaise.


- Sector Push negated a lot of the fun parts of this map that the changes opened up. On this map it truly is No Counterattack Mode, and that just sucks. I thought the Falaise Pocket was the encirclement of the German forces? So why is it Canada defending anyway?

What I'd change:

Turn St. Lambert into a proper town, like Cagny is on Goodwood. It should be harder to attack and harder to defend, but most of all, the battle for St. Lambert should actually last for a few minutes. Right now it's just "German squad snuck into the city and capped it", then "Oh wait no, Canadian squad snuck back in and recapped it". It's just too small and so many buildings can't be entered.

5 Worst maps for me are Siege of Tobruk, Lebisey, Ramelle, Brest, and Mareth Line. Siege of Tobruk I've already talked about in it's thread on the feedback section, so I won't rehash that. Lebisey could be fun if it wasn't so small and cramped, and the Axis armor didn't literally spawn with about 50 tickets left every time we play it. Ramelle is indeed an epic struggle, but the push system sucks and completely disallows any chance of an American counterattack, which is 90% of the fun of playing American on that map anyway. Brest is boring because there's never any variety, the city isn't big enough. "Where's the Sherman?" "Oh I see it, it's in that corner near Navy HQ where it always is, every round, all the time, forever". Mareth Line is just kinda meh.. I can't really put my finger on it but I never seem to have any fun playing that map.
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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #12 on: 30-12-2012, 05:12:34 »
wow. i didn't realize there were that many maps until you see them all on a list. quite impressive.

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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #13 on: 30-12-2012, 07:12:05 »
Andrew, you have too much Time. :D
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Re: 2.45 Favourite map thread nr 2
« Reply #14 on: 30-12-2012, 07:12:22 »
 i like every map,


 i hate the constant whining which comes from a very vocal minority that prevents us from playing half of these maps in the first place. The forum participants are only a small part of the playerbase yet they seem to monopolize the map lists. (this problem is further compounded by having only one remaining server that sets its' own rules anyways)

 i also cannot stand King of the Hill maps anymore, they are poorly laid out and get boring fast... eppeldorf is a perfect example of that.

O yeah and Falaise 16 or 64 isn't even worthy of wiping my bottom, the Sector Push and the stupid new spawnpoints have resulted in a rape of such proportions that we all want to kill ourselves from the shame of getting so much butt-hurt.
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