Author Topic: Many questions about Battlefield 2 engine modding  (Read 230 times)

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Many questions about Battlefield 2 engine modding
« on: 11-08-2012, 02:08:13 »
I want to make a BF 2 mod, but I a lot of questions about the engine
I really need to talk with a coder!


-The bugged ragdoll can be moded or replaced by death animations to have better collision with moving vehicles? the normal ragdoll can penetrate moving vehicle's walls. the ragdolls seems to do not want to move from the player death place.

-The kit system can be replaced by a slot system? like in battlefield 3 single player or counter strike? I have this idea: make every weapon be a unique kit, and make players able to carry multiple kits, each kit representing a slot in the weapon menu. the players will be able to swap only the weapon/item they are holding. I really want to know in this is possible.

-Remove the roadkill from bf2? I want planes with interior (like desert combat in bf1942), and players being roadkilled inside the planes isn't a cool thing. Changing the player air resistance would be nice too.

-Add vehicle radio to bf 2, like in bf vietnam-possible?

-Make a self targeting turret, like in BF 2142? I also want to know if something like the battle walker from bf 2142 can be made for the bf 2 engine (a vehicle with walking animations)

Sorry for bad english, I will really like any help.
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