Author Topic: Tournament Bayonets VS Bayonet (1 VS 1)  (Read 508 times)

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Tournament Bayonets VS Bayonet (1 VS 1)
« on: 14-06-2012, 11:06:47 »
1.Start June 18th at 00:00 GMT
2.B depending on the number wishing to attend the number of participants will be 16, 32 or 64 fighter.
3.Players are split into a pair of rivals.
4.Win soldier who killed the first enemy 5 times.
Winners of pairs again are divided into pairs, and so long as there will be a man.
6.Na each tour is given for three days.
7.Applications for the tournament in this reserve to write a play where the nickname.
8.Uchastniki couples negotiate their own time and place of the duel.
  I recommend using a server VBIOS FH2 | UA-RU, as on the server and stored the last 50 rounds (as recorded rosmatrivat rounds look in the description of the server)
9.Start of the tournament, provided a minimum of 16 participants.

1 Tour, List of players:
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