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Re: Pushing on
« Reply #30 on: 20-06-2012, 13:06:39 »
If you know someone who can map, please lobby him to help out with FH2. Or better yet, if you have the time to wait, then go ahead and check some tutorials, learn AI modding and join the team yourself!
A lot of good modders started out that way. :)
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Re: Pushing on
« Reply #31 on: 20-06-2012, 14:06:00 »
Just going to point out that old SP/COOP layers are very unlikely to have been updated to use new push logic, since this would involve the work of an AI dev to make sure it worked properly.  I think there may be a couple of new navmeshes (but don't quote me on this and I also don't know how good they are).