Author Topic: FHSW: Big Preview to the 0.5 update!  (Read 1202 times)

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FHSW: Big Preview to the 0.5 update!
« on: 11-03-2012, 04:03:22 »

You take a whole battery of Russian tanks and howitzers, light American tanks, a Russian aircraft project and a light Japanese cruisers. In addition, a sprinkling of new features and the new version of forgotten hope secret weapon (FHSW) is finished.[/ b] The new build is the number 0.5 and is still in the beta phase, but during the last few weeks a number of interesting updates were published in the blog the developer immediately. We have summarized the most important for you.

A lot of new tanks

Go there with the idea of Russian tanks of the type T-28 and T-29, the Frank has contributed. weiningen has snapped up the IS-2 from FH 0.7 and on the basis of the model created two versions of heavy tank IS-3. From FHSWman comes the S-51, a howitzer of B-4 type mounted on the chassis of the KV-1s from FH 0.7. More new vehicles are the light tank m2, M5 and M8, where it also involves tags from the Hauptmod, as well as the Panzerkampfwagen VIII (mouse), introduced by Mr_J FHSW.

Yahagi and Sweno project

The team of FHSW not only rebuilds, but developed also loads itself. There would be IJN Yahagi, a light cruiser of the Agano class was implemented by Yochi with great attention to detail. In addition the Sweno project, with which the mod is its name secret weapon. Has the team on and under the wing of the Tupolev TB-3 biplane fighter aircraft of the type I-153 and I-195 mounted and even a T-40 tank. Flying Fortress defines here scratch.

MG positions and flying tanks

Two new features are hidden in the updates. Starting with version 0.5 will allow players to build MG positions, from which also lying can be fired. This innovation as a video is presented along with the Sweno project. A more gimmick will be presented in the form of images that found in many other parts of the series as bug: flying tank. A total of eight missiles are mounted on a UK Valentine, that the tank can withdraw briefly. According to the developer info, there was this even a prototype.

Last words: note and Maptweaks

If you are interested in the individual updates, you should follow the links at the end of the news. Due to the large number of images, we have attached not all render and screenshots out of consideration for visitors with Smartphones. Finally, we want to refer interested players also to a community patch was published by players in December 2011 at and contains all previously published Maptweaks for version 0.42. With dem 850MB large package spare players is a lot of work.] And now enough smalltalk about it: Look at the pictures.

FHSW ver0.5beta "New MG and Laying Down Fire System" Preview:

FHSW 0.5beta "Zveno Project and T-40 Airborne Drop" Preview:


Sweno Projekt
Polikarpov I-153
Sweno Projekt Ingame
IJN Yahagi

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Re: FHSW: Big Preview to the 0.5 update!
« Reply #1 on: 11-03-2012, 04:03:28 »
Is that the final version?
A great pity FHSW came too late.If it was at least 3 years ago,it would still have a good public.5 ago,would have a massive public.
But as 1942 will make 10 years this year,it might be greatest tribute to one of the best games of all and to the best mod of BF1942,wich is FH.

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Re: FHSW: Big Preview to the 0.5 update!
« Reply #2 on: 11-03-2012, 13:03:22 »
I dont think the FHSW 0.5 is the last release, if this mod have enough players in Japan and europe/US i think this mod have a feature.
At the moment looks good, next Event News today:

Last Sunday was a real success with 30 players!
And this Sunday we gonna continue that! Promised!

In 2012 we try to focus the community on
Two FHSW-Fightnights per week!
each Friday 7:00pm and Sunday 7:00pm
The "The Desertwar" Event

Sunday 11th March 2012, 19:00 CET

1. Desert Hill 1942
2. Gazala
3. El alamein
4. Supercharge
5. Kasserine pass 1943
6. Battle of Mareth line
7. Tunis 1943
8. Operation: Rattrap

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Re: FHSW: Big Preview to the 0.5 update!
« Reply #3 on: 14-03-2012, 06:03:25 »
Sigh, this is one of the best WWII shooter ever but it is just too late to come... I don't mind playing it if there are some active community, FHSW has some really good naval/air/land maps.

The variety (and to a certain extend fun factor) beats FH2 but FH2 shines in quality.

downloading FHSW 0.42...  8)
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