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Company Of Heroes - Modern Combat Mod
« on: 28-02-2012, 13:02:52 »
Hello fellow CoH-players! Listen up!

I just wanted to catch your attention for this new Company of Heroes Mod: Modern Combat. It hasn´t been released yet but it looks like it is in the final stages. As the title might give a hint already, it´s moving our beloved CoH into modern times. The opposing factions are the US-Army and the People Liberations Army (PLA) of China.

There´s already a full Shoutcast about this game.

So far the awesome features that can be seen in the Shoutcast are a total conversion of maps: The civilian trucks and vehicles are modern and the architecture has been changed to resemble a typical chinese style.

What catched my attention is how the Javelin - Anti tank team works: You can set it up and it will bombard tanks from above. Also the Bradley tank has the feature to fire rockets. It looks like it´s done with much love and that´s the case seeing those guys worked years on that mod.

Don´t worry: FH2 will still get my vote on Moddb, for being the perfect mix of gameplay and realism.

What do you think of this new mod?

Make sure you check out the Shoutcast and thank you for your attention!



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Re: Company Of Heroes - Modern Combat Mod
« Reply #1 on: 28-02-2012, 16:02:23 »
Looks fantastic, thx for the up 8)

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Re: Company Of Heroes - Modern Combat Mod
« Reply #2 on: 28-02-2012, 16:02:07 »
Any Idea when it will be released, cos I am getting a bit tired of playing COH Eastern Front.