Author Topic: Forgotten Hope 2 Clan/Community War  (Read 695 times)

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Forgotten Hope 2 Clan/Community War
« on: 26-02-2012, 11:02:49 »
Dear Forgotten Hope 2 Community,

we, the 762 Head Admin Team, have set up a fighting group made up of our 762 server admins and players
that regularly linger around in our Teamspeak FH2 channels, the *"762 Battle Squad"*. With this group (10-15 players), we plan to start regularly occuring community wars against our neighbouring FH2 gaming clans and communities. That is us tanning our skins, we also use the weapons (part time):


We have already had one good fight against a mixed team of Forgotten Honor, that consisted of some German, Dutch and US-players and was great fun! So as the new F|H an WaW campaigns get going, there are more FH2 players around and we take the chance to challenge you guys to a friendship game of Forgotten Hope 2 against us! Ofcourse other clans or FH2 gaming communities are very welcome to take the challenge.

*How this shall work:*
There will be 2 matches in this friendship game. We will provide a non-ranked, password-locked
server for the event. The matches will take place on 2 consecutive Fridays (or Saturdays). You can choose the date of the first match, we thought that from the first of March 2012 onwards any Friday will be okay.

Starting time will be at 2100 hours French/German time (UTC+1). The first match will be played on a map that the F|H group as the challenged team may choose. We will play two rounds of 45 minutes each. Every team gets to defend 1 round and attack 1 round. A 10 minute pee break in between the rounds is scheduled :). We will start every round with 1000 tickets and when the time is up, the round will be stopped and the team with most tickets left will be declared the winner.

The following Friday we will play the second match on a map that we choose. Both maps will be announced 1 week before the first match, so that every team has enough time to practice and try out tactics on both maps. Each match shall be concluded with a snapshot session for the whole bunch.


Consider the gauntlet thrown, we hope you will pick it up and make this battle happen! For any question,
I will be your contact on the 762 Battle Squad's side of the event. Please checkout as well. Feel free to move this post into a new thread, if you like.
I am looking forward to receiving your answer!

Yours sincerely,

x4fun I<ODIUM>I
on behalf of the
762 Head Admin Team
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