Author Topic: Tank turrets  (Read 3900 times)

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #15 on: 08-10-2011, 16:10:39 »
Use a gamepad or a joystick for the turret...It works wonders.

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #16 on: 08-10-2011, 17:10:43 »
Well, it's difficult to imagine this, but I will try...

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #17 on: 14-10-2011, 09:10:32 »
Try starting by moving the mouse veeery slowly. Its not only how far you move the mouse anymore - its about how fast you accelerate it. This can be used advantageously as well, to do a full 180 turn with the flick of a wrist intead of straining it back and forth 10 times to get to your position.
There's no more advantage to -move mouse right quickly - lift up move to left - lower to pad move to right. Turret max speed is now entirely mechanical, doesn't

Code wise, its the HelicopterInputControlMap. This was changed in 2.4, to allow separate sensitivity for tanks, as well as more controls as found in the tank options.
4.7 is waaaay high, especially if used in combination with a high DPI mouse. Try setting it anywhere from 0.25 - 2. However, keep in mind, sensitivity is not relative to how fast you accelerate the mouse. If you turn it so down 5x and move your mouse 5x faster, you're not getting any more accurate aim.

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #18 on: 04-01-2012, 04:01:42 »
1. That i was bugged or something, then i found out it was a new feature. Its a great idea but when i found that its way too laggy for me, i dislike it.
2. I dont like it.
3. Pros: I think it makes tank combat more fair in a specific way, like, no more super fast tiger turrets, for example.
Cons: Its terrible for high pingers.
4: My ping in Euro servers is: 240ms
US Servers: 170ms.

So this new feature completly ruined my tanking experience. Makes me wanna evade FH2 at all costs. FH2 was all about tanks for me, hate INF combat because of my ping, i cant kill anyone, so i lived with tanks, life becomes easier. Now this feature came up and fucked everything up. I cant aim, i cant kill, i cant enjoy the game no more. No, i will never be able to get adapted to it, nor by just getting used to it (Moving my mouse slowly) or using Arrow Keys, wich dont get affected by lag.

In other way it makes tank combat extremly easy for low pingers. I had a tank to tank combat a couple of days ago with an Euro player. He had a Daimler and i had a Pz IV, i couldnt aim, it was just too fucking annoying, i felt sad.

I think this needs to be revised, FH2 needs to be fair for everyone, and i have been playing FH2 since day one, and it saddens me alot that FH2 has this feature on tanks, that i wont be able to enjoy a fine Kursk map because of this.

Noone should be offended with this post.  ;D

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #19 on: 04-01-2012, 15:01:55 »
1.) What did you think of it at first try?
I asked how can I fix the lag/skipping and thought that if this can't be fixed it will suck.

2.) What do you now think of it?
I find it quite okay, no more sensitivity cheaters... On the other hand I hate the fact that I have to move my mouse all over the table to turn the turret completely (really pronounced on heavier tanks, no problem on light ones, in fact light tanks turn even too fast!)

3.) Do you find the new system better overall? Give pros and cons.

Now skill matters even more and the better positioned tank will probably win even against an opponent that can aim better. Coupled with the angle system it causes extremely exciting tank battles that do not end in 2 secs like before. (That is if both tanks are head on, and about the same class... if one manages to outflank or outclass the other then it's almost the same as before).

Sometimes laggy, and may turn off the newcomers if they don't know how to fix it.

Only for high pingers 100+ (please state your usual ping)

4.) Does the jitter/wharping lag affect your skill level when aiming? If so, how much?
My ping is usually under 100 but if I play on a server >200 it starts to get a bit unfair against low pingers...
This sentence is intentionally left unfinished...

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #20 on: 08-01-2012, 17:01:33 »
I can't stop thinking the terrible starting speed of the new M26 will be applied to every tank in the next patch in order to get more "realism".

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #21 on: 08-01-2012, 17:01:31 »

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #22 on: 16-01-2012, 15:01:34 »
I feel tanks turn to freely now. I do like the fact that it isnt precise anymore, but then, it seems to be able to swivel completely pass the target and I need to swivel it back. Shouldnt be THAT insensitive.

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #23 on: 10-03-2012, 12:03:38 »
The only vehicles, that is near to uncontrollable for me is the Puma. The turret is spinning around like hell and the acceleration is compared to all other tanks much too high also with decreased mouse sensitivity.

I am also not a big tanker, but I have played many rounds on Lüttich just driving the Puma. And Shitmaker is absolutly right(!). Its turret is really going crazy its xtremly hard to controll compared to other tanks. With the Puma you have to circle, ambush you enemys and ofcourse you have to be the one with the first shot, since pretty much everyother gun mounted on a vehicle is going oneshot you. I would defenitly do some more kills if the turret was better.
I know it shouldnt turn to fast since at had to be turned by hand (as far as I know), but acceleration it has now makes no sence.

Offtopic: Could that thing really be destroye by one shot of a 37mm gun, would be great if this was changed. And did the MG42 really hat that far away from the centre of the scope? Right kow you have to aim with with the triagle right of the central one, so its really far away.

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Re: Tank turrets
« Reply #24 on: 06-07-2012, 15:07:52 »
[...]With the Puma you have to circle, ambush you enemys and ofcourse you have to be the one with the first shot, since pretty much everyother gun mounted on a vehicle is going oneshot you. [...]

Did you ever used a Sherman?

1) wtf
2) I do not like that i cannot stop on target. Do I really have to use the keyboard or joystick?
3) it's a step in the right direction but still needs some finish
4) i think so (ping is 55 to 125 depending on server (europe to russia))