Author Topic: FH2 Historical Accuracy : Ingame VS Real life Pictures  (Read 39882 times)

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Re: FH2 Historical Accuracy : Ingame VS Real life Pictures
« Reply #240 on: 09-10-2016, 19:10:23 »
I made a video on the historical background of Seelow Heights, as well as the Volkssturm weapons:

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Re: FH2 Historical Accuracy : Ingame VS Real life Pictures
« Reply #241 on: 16-04-2018, 23:04:47 »
It surprised me to find that even a map as scaled down as Siege of Tobruk has some very historical features.

At least the first line of defenses refers to the 'Red Line' of defenses in the perimeter around Tobruk.

The 150 individual strongpoints along the perimeter had been placed in a zigzag pattern, with the posts one forward and one in the rear, with intervals of about 750 yards between forward posts. The effect was of two parallel rows of posts, the second row 500 yards behind the first and filling in the gaps between the forward posts. The posts were numbered consecutively, the odd-numbered posts being on the perimeter, the even posts behind them. A typical post was eighty meters long and contained three circular concrete weapons pits emplaced flush with the ground and connected by a concrete communications trench.11 This trench was about 2 1/2 meters deep and covered over with boards and a thin layer of earth. Around the post was an antitank ditch. Observation from the posts was excellent, the fields of fire good, and the perimeter wire well placed. A forward post, in most cases, could enfilade both arms of perimeter wire leading out from it, the fire forming a beaten zone forward of the next post (see figure 1).

Incredibly, you can still see the red line defenses on Google Earth

Info here