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The push mod
« on: 08-08-2011, 18:08:07 »
      Well, fh mappers sometimes decide to use somekind of system which called ''the push mode''. The point of push mod is ''preventing players neutralize and capture rear positions before front positions''. Even i know it requires at least 20 years to understand please hold your breath, because i will try to explain it.

       As you can see here there are crosses over 4 positions and this means we can't neutralize or capture those 4 positions and we should attack other 2 positions which have green circles over them.

   However if we decide to attack flak emplacement first; you can wait there and do what ever you want hmm... it won't work.

   So why don't we try to do same thing after captured observation bunker? Come on, why not? We can ignore warnings of other players like ''what, we need ammo bunker too? oh come on, everybody knows we can capture flak emplacement, even if there is a cross over it. Because ... we're cool.  8)''

    The problem is even if you're so cool and completely know what you're doing, for some reason ... it will not work again.

   What should we do then? Should we spam text messages like ''oh noes, who made that map? arggghhhhh it's broken, i will quit and play teenage mutant ninja turtles'' ? No, wait maybe we can attack and capture ammo bunker and remove that cross which is over flak emplacement. Even then ... who knows maybe we can actually neutralize and capture flak emplacement.
Basically, axis bias has removed. Glad its being noticed.