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The Singleplayer Helpdesk
« on: 24-04-2011, 11:04:13 »
Here are some of the common issues and their solutions

Only some of the maps have AI support
As of 2.4, technically, ALL the maps have AI support, but you need to find the rest. I will change this post to have links once I get them, but needless to say, all the maps besides Bardia and Falaise Pocket have official AI, you just need a fix for some of them, like Mareth line and Lebisey. Then Bardia and Falaise, you need to get the unofficial AI support courtesy of Aserafimov and WinterHilf who made them. Can anyone provide me with the links to all those: Lebisey etc, Falaise, Bardia?

Flag is mine, but on the minimap its the enemy's
Yer, this is a big issue some flags have. To solve this, the enemy needs to recap that flag or at least return it to a free flag, then the issue is solved. The trick is to avoid many of your own guys capping the flag at the same time. But a permanent solution is being sought after as we speak

CTD happened
The following maps will crash: Op. Totalize, Purple Heart Lane, Mt. Olympus, Op. Cobra.
Reasons differ. For op. Totalize, there is an issue with its Navmesh. You need to DL an older version of the map, replace all but the GPO (Gameplay objects.con) file and it will sing. For PHL, Devilman provides a fix that can be found at...  For Mt. Olympus, it shares Op. Totalize issue, the DL for that is..... For Op. Cobra, well, that is issue is currently still being investigated, but you also need the older version and that issue dissapears.

Other reasons for CTD include out of page file. playing FH2 with bots uses more resource than playing online, so you need to find video settings and bot count that agree with your system. You can reduce alot of CTDs in heated firefights IF you set the video and bot count right

How do I increase the number of bots
The number is fixed at 32, but you can change this by going to \mods folder\ fh2\ai from the BF2 root folder and editing the aidefaults.con file in textpad. Change the loweest line that is set to 31, set the bots to whatever number you desire and it will be so. You DO have to make changes in the game though. Once you start up the game, set bot ratio to that number of bots you chose, and set number of bots to 48 (the extreme right) and it will be fixed to that number of bots with 50:50 ratio. To give one team less, simply adjust the bot ratio - Left for more allies, right for more axis.

Are there more Bot supported maps?
Yes there are. Just go to the Singleplayer Download section and look at the first post. Big thanks to CannonFodder and Zrixx for that

I have bots just standing around
Most of these will be holding pistols, right? Yes, there is an issue with the pistol code, and Remick04 (The official AI person and moderator in this part of the forum) is working on it.

Bots can see through bushes and smoke
Yes, they can. However some work is being done to make them not be able to see well through smoke. For now however, consider fighting unseen enemies in bushes as your experience of the bocage country and move like you have a purpose, and you wont get shot :)

Can I call in AI artillery?
No, you cannot. AI commander arty has been hardcoded since BF2 patch 1.5 to NOT work with bots any longer, and spotting has not been integrated to work either, so although bots will fire artillery aggressively, yuo wont be able to spot for them

I can't communicate with bots
You CAN give move orders, but you cannot use much else on the communication bar with bots. This is also something that needs to be worked on.

Bots get stuck at x location
The AI team is working hard to fix ALOT of navmesh issues for bugs, so for now consider this WIP. We spend alot of time walking over each map and simulating countless situations to see where it breaks. So be patient with us. We will get to it.

I can't change the bot ratio
You can't change bot ratio, frag count etc in Singleplayer, but you CAN in COOP.
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