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Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
« Reply #480 on: 31-08-2018, 10:08:12 »
Hmm, yeah, having no way to customize stuff in the menu anymore (like degrading artifacts) is just unnecessary in my opinion. If the author thinks that it's important for the experience, just propose it to people instead of shoving it down their throats. Just reading that you could not disable stuff like that already made it uninteresting for me. Artifacts are already annoying to grab in Call of Misery when you're a low level character and since mutants have a chance of showing up a bit everywhere, you get mauled often enough without scripted crap happening. Besides, the randomness is what makes it more immersive. If I want scripted events, I'll play Call of Duty.

Yes, sounds like in Call of Chernobyl or Call of Misery. I'm playing Last Day at the moment which is a "hardcore" variant of Call of Misery. I instantly went ahead and made the character run faster because nothing says "hardcore" as much as a guy who cannot outrun a snail. I get that they wanted to nerf the speed so that you cannot outrun a pack of dogs anymore but if you have to cross a few levels, having slow run speed is just utterly painful.

Lol yes, unconsistens especially in Shadow of Chernobyl. I remember the LR 300 having an okay reload (although he pulled on the forward assist instead of charging handle) while the AK-74 had a very wooden looking animation and the MP5 had a built in quick fingers perk. I think the StCoP-Weapon pack is to thank for the good models and animations. Almost every CoC-Variant includes it. The mutant animations are mostly fine but the 3rd person animations of humans are where the game sometimes breaks immersion. Especially with running characters; it looks like they were inspired by anime.

Ah, so that's what Hardcore Aim does. I find the AI aiming to be all over the place. Sometimes you stand right in front of them and they will miss, sometimes they will snipe you dead on what feels like over a mile.

Yes, they were buffed in CoP but they were not nearly as scary there because they did not show up in as creepy locations. The only time I found them scary was in the swamps where they could vanish in the reed but show up as footsteps in the water a few moments later.

Yes, Chimeras are often one hit kills but they behave more like snorks on crack - and snorks look definitely more creepy. I remember the Chimera kill mission in CoP. I just waited on those derelict containers and blasted it with an RPG when it arrived. Not very sportsman like but very efficient.

Yes, and they all have quite unique AI as well, especially for the time. I like how you can chase away a pack of dogs if you manage to kill the alpha male or when flesh sometimes will just flee or attack you, depending on the "Hunger" they have. Also little stuff like dogs pulling away dead bodies so that they can eat them is cool.

The "loot body" animations in this mod are annoying and I hope that I can turn them off with a mod since I did not find an option to do so in the menu. It was clearly possible since CoM had it as an option:

The AI here was quite unforgiving. I did not instantly shoot because I was not sure whether they were bandits or loners. I also need to find out how to get the original SoC music back into the levels. Mooze's soundtrack is still way better than any modded ambient.
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