Author Topic: what if commander can give coordinates to indirect fire by radio?  (Read 3965 times)

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Easy to suggest, hard to implement:

Djinn's called-out air strikes, nice, i like it.

Mudra's aiedropped guns and light vehicles. That's neat!

But me, I want the commander to be able to spawn tanks. Let's say, gave him an asset of 1 tank and 2 half tracks/trucks, he can spawn this on any of his flag. This makes him more useful and realistic than vanilla BF2, where he can drop vehicles, call-off arties, and reveal map with UAV. This will somehow can solve partial stalemate in maps like Totalize often experienced.

If he can summon smoke grenades (when he call orders on squads), he can summon vehicles or other objects too.

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One easy thing to make the commander role less boring would be to be able to follow his troops as a spectator. Not free cam of course, just the one you have in battle recorder, but without the zoom option...