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Goodwood - 16
« on: 13-01-2010, 09:01:39 »
"The Streets of Cagny Run Red..."

Where do I start?

Did I like it?...Fuckin' oath!! I loaded it up for a quick couple of rounds before bed last night, and ended up playing about 14 rounds straight (in fact, I only stopped because it CTD on me)... ;D

It has some of the best CQB's and LOL moments I've seen in SP:

- First one is always at the Backyard with the Brits desperately trying to hold the flag as the Germans arrive in force...

- Germans pouring out of an alley into a hail of gunfire on the main street...

- The shootouts in the two streets leading down from the Farm...

- The mayhem that ensues when the Brits hold only the Church, as they get attacked from two sides...

- Walking into a house and getting ambushed by two bots... :)

- Standing at the top of the church stairwell listening to bullets ricochet off the masonry, as a few bots try and pick me off from an alley halfway across the map... ;D

- Stepping out into the street, I spot a bunch of Germans approaching and duck back into the alley to wait for some teammates who were a few steps behind, only to get knifed in the back by a bot who'd taken a shortcut through the destroyed house next to the alley... ;D

What would improve it?

The whole round seems to revolve around who holds the Backyard. If the Germans take it, they quickly take the Orchard and pin the Brits in the Church, so...

- More Brits spawning at Orchard...once they have the option, almost all of them will spawn elsewhere.

- Stop the Brits TKing each other with satchels...happens mostly at the start of the round. I've noticed the engineers dump them as soon as they spawn.

- Higher ticket count...I was playing with 48 bots and the round was over too quickly.

- A MP version...I'm not a big fan of inf-only maps, but I reckon this would be awesome online... ;)

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Re: Goodwood - 16
« Reply #1 on: 13-01-2010, 15:01:34 »
Back in 2.2, i tried to make one from the given navmesh.

I must say that the design of the map combat area (the border) is pretty unfriendly for SP. It makes the Brits at great disadvantage (their spawn position at the Orchard too).

At my modification, i add sniper rifle kits on church tower, StG44s, and other stuffs. Including experiments with tanks (i put Fireflies and King Tigers, and sometimes half-tracks). But the map is really just for the infantry, which attest to FH2.2's bot behavior. For me they kill the gameplay quickly.

Now, in 2.25, it will be much different i guess (haven't tried it).

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Re: Goodwood - 16
« Reply #2 on: 14-01-2010, 07:01:03 »
Appearances can be deceiving... ;)

Most of the time at the Orchard, I'll spawn near that point, but the bots spawn near the flag.

At the start, the Germans all spawn south of the Station and have to go through the underpass (they won't cross the rails), which results in the Brits getting to the Backyard first 9/10 times.

Once they have an option, they rarely spawn at the Orchard or Station. They mainly spawn at the Farm (Ger) or the Church (Brit).