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There's not enough resolution in the texture/render to make any claim which version of the camo pattern is displayed here. I see varying claims here about colors based on pictures taken under different circumstances (lighting, camera settings/properties, monitor calibration, color perception of the human brain etc) of items that even IRL vary greatly (weathering, storage condition, dye degradation, fabric tension, age and variation of the quality of cloth, dyes and chemicals used at the time of manufacture etc)...

Lighting is incredibly complex. Outdoor lighting is affected by things like weather conditions (cloudiness, air humidity filters light differently), occlusion and reflection of nearby objects and ground, even our sun's light emittance varies from time to time (relative size in sky due to time of year, even sunspots). Indoor lighting is greatly affected by the type of light source, the chemicals in the light bulb and type of material. The colors on the walls and the chemicals and texture of the paint.

Anyone attempting to make definitive statements about color is nuts and only deluding himself. Colors and even contrast are not absolute and change continuously. As a graphics artist, I work with colors all the time and have developed an appreciation for the way nature manipulates color (and it's observers!) as it pleases. When someone asks me what my favorite color is, I honest to god don't know what to answer; for this color changes all the time. I see this as a variation of the Heisenberg principle, color changes not between observations, but changes because it is being observed.

Nice update  :)

Who exports the soldiers in FH2 ? Is it Gunnie aka TrahnLee ? (I ask, but I could take a look at the .con files of the soldiers...:P)
Most of them by me. There's little coding involved, most of the time is spend (or rather wasted) on restarting  bf2editor between exports, to check if the vertex weights look ok. Tweaking the vertex weights is a difficult process because BF2 supports only one vertex weighted to two bones. That's why some FH2 skins look warped a bit in some poses, especially near the crotch are, and this is also what would make long trench coats warp.

Another problem is that many of the BF2 animations have very strange poses. The BF2 player models look reasonable in these poses because their player models have much fewer polygons than ours, so there are less distortions near joints.

Anyway, recently I've added animation playback to BfMeshView, which should significantly improve our player model export work flow (and yes there will soon be a new BfMeshView release).

Do they have a new face ?
Nope, the heads are the same as Normandy Heer/SS. But maybe I'll do some minor reskins to give them a slightly paler skin color and red cheeks/nose. :)

Also, those missing the long or "greatcoats", modelling and animating them might have been more difficult than it would have been worth in the end.
Correct, this has proven to be pretty much impossible in BF2.

All SS models are very good detailed and realistic looking. Also the splitter tarn has the right colour and sheme!!!! Also the white stuff is nice detailed and dirty. 
Glad to hear that. There was a lot of torture involved getting it right in time for the Christmas news (hence the slight delay). Special thanks to Knoffhoff for the research and camo templates. :)

There was a number of minor problems and some miscommunication. A forum database table broke somehow, and at the same time the management panel went off-line due to invalid SSL certificate for unknown reason. It also didn't help that I was notified a bit late. Anyway, all should be fixed now.

You see what I did there. Extra points for Flippy.

The missing player model shadows is another BF2 bug to my knowledge, I doubt we can fix this.

The crash/error you get when exiting is common, most of us have it. This is a BF2 bug, which happens more frequently in FH2 because the mod uses more memory. This is benign and you can ignore this one.

BF2 doesn't unload all memory between levels, so at some point BF2 engine may run out of memory. Restarting the game fixes this.

As said, FH2 uses more RAM than BF2 vanilla, so recommended is 2GB to 3GB RAM, and 256MB to 512MB video card memory. Updating your graphics drivers can solve instability, also ensure the GPU is cooled properly and power supply is sufficient.

Switching audio from hardware mode to software mode can improve performance, quality and fix instability.

Bug Reporting / Re: Pools of blood?
« on: 02-10-2010, 15:10:47 »
There are indeed subtle pools of blood, but thanks to the silly BF2 ragdoll effect, the corpses usually travel a bit before they come to a rest. You're just less likely to see the blood when it is not near a body.

On the M10, it might occur with the turret rotated at some angles, or possibly if the swiveling MG on the turret is manned/rotated by another player. But generally this rarely happens, if it does happen frequently, please report it.

Bug Reporting / Re: Vickers Mark VI
« on: 02-10-2010, 15:10:24 »
It is true that tracer rounds behave differently than normal rounds in real life. Tracer rounds usually have different composition, mass, aerodynamics and thus different ballistics.
I've read that during the Pacific air war the US Navy did an experiment to remove tracers from fighter planes. Supposedly this greatly improved accuracy, as the pilots were less influenced by the 'misbehaving' off-target tracer rounds.

However, I'm not sure if this is intended in FH2, it could be a bug.

Bug Reporting / Re: Spawning for Ramelle Neuville
« on: 02-10-2010, 15:10:48 »
This is intentional, as Ts4EVER said, this prevents the defenders from spawning on top of the attackers.

Bug Reporting / Re: Hanomag bug
« on: 02-10-2010, 15:10:16 »
Yes, this is an older known bug, still marked as un-fixed in our bugtracker.

Modding / BfMeshView 1.9.0 Release
« on: 06-08-2010, 18:08:31 »
I have released a new version of BfMeshView today (1.9.0):

Change log:
* fixed crash when restoring child windows under certain conditions
* fixed double clicking on texture not always opening file
* fixed error when double clicking in treeview when no BF2 mesh was opened
* fixed transparancy for some shaders
* fixed crash when selecting some .geo nodes in treeview
* fixed rare crash in normal map converter
* fixed bundledmesh shader shadow/wreck texture
* fixed bug in sample generator
* fixed assert in sample generator
* added material editing
* added UV editor
* added sample generator
* added tool to fix broken samples
* added BF2 file format version to treeview
* added BF2 vertex attribute info to treeview
* added full BF1942 tree mesh (*.tm) support
* added display of texture memory use
* added "open folder" in treeview context menu
* added support for all BF2 collisionmesh files (including weapons)
* added experimental vertex transform tool
* added normal map converter options
* invalid sample points are now no longer rendered at origin
* upgraded treeview control
* disabled annoying treeview node hover tooltips
* optimized treeview refreshing
* texture maps that fail to load are now marked in treeview
* double clicking on textures in treeview will now open the file
* can now view single unshaded texture by selecting map in treeview
* skin bone transforms are now drawn in viewport
* arrow keys now properly selects treeview node again

Most useful new features are:
1) The material editor, which allows you to change the textures and even shaders and transparency mode of exported meshes.
2) UV editor, which is useful to fix minor UV errors.
3) Texture memory indicator in status bar, can give you an idea how (in)efficient assets are.
4) Various small helpers to debug bad exports.

The grass appears thinner nearby (~5m radius), but further away (~20m) it becomes just as opaque as it did before. The wheat fields on Lebisey for example are still effective in hiding infantry.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope 2.26 feedback
« on: 15-05-2010, 21:05:49 »
You thickened the lines of circles and crosses on the map in pushmode, didn't you?
Correct. Also tweaked various minimaps for clarity.

Supression effect was raised. I ran into a MP40 at a corner and didn't see anything when I killed him. It is just short, but nevertheless heavy.
We didn't touch the suppression effect at all, to my knowledge.

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