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General Discussion / Re: drilling m30 shotgun kit
« on: 12-09-2018, 20:09:23 »
It’s in a very rare pilot pickup kit on some maps (one is in a small wooden shed at the crash site flag on Arad), but can be also found in the famous “angry farmer” easter egg kit, which ironically is probably more common in game than the pilot kit. Try picking up the pitchforks (Press G) sunken in the piles of dung on some of the Normandy and Ardennes maps (try crossroads flag at Villers Bocage) ;)

For more pickup kits, check this out. It’s a bit outdated, and some kits had been changed, but their general location is still mostly correct.

Thank you for your contribution.  :)

General Discussion / drilling m30 shotgun kit
« on: 12-09-2018, 02:09:58 »
Spanish: Buenas, tengo una duda a la gente del foro necesito saber donde puedo encontrar los kits de la escopeta de la luftwaffe o algún post donde se tenga esta información ya que soy un poco nuevo jugando con el mod.
Inglish: Hello there, I have a doubt to the people of the forum I need to know where I can find the kits of the luftwaffe shotgun or any post where you have this information since I am a little new playing with the mod.

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