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Modding / Re: Italian anti-personnel mine
« on: 05-06-2020, 14:06:31 »
Finally in game !! :)

HUD stuff in into menu zips. Get sure those zips are included too


+70 fps looks quite a lot. I wonder if turning Hyperthreading off has some impact on non-gaming use performance

« on: 12-05-2020, 03:05:59 »
Cool, maybe you could ask on FH2 and CMP discords if it is okay to promote this there! I'm sure some fellas would like to join

Very interesting, the affinity trick was very common back in BF2's days, as it made the game much more stable. Afaik BF2 is only capable to run on one core, thus setting its affinity to a different core from 0 gives better stability and fps.

Good the video uses BF2 as demo.

I'm trying to reduce input lag as much as possible lately, I could reduce from 20-30ms to ~10ms and I've experienced a much more fuent game experience, too bad I had to reduce graphics quality...

Joinning official FH2's discord and asking under tech-support seems the most suitable way to have a response.

No. I've never had that kind of resolution problems, sry. I do only know that it's a common issue and developers have made a guideline to solve it, which is the one I posted above

From FH2 discord:

The 800x600 display mode is not listed among the modes supported by your primary video driver.

To be able to play Forgotten Hope 2, consult the Internet search engine of your choice how to add a custom display mode to the video driver.

Battlefield 2 has a hard-coded requirement for 800x600 resolution to be present in list of all available resolutions, but several manufacturers (mostly laptop) supply graphic drivers where this resolution was removed.

You’ll need to add 800x600 resolution manually.

Firstly, you’ll need what graphics card do you have in your PC. In order to do that:

Modding / Re: BfMeshView 2.5.3 released
« on: 05-02-2019, 05:02:58 »
Great news Remdul! Thanks!

I was wondering today why it is not possible to edit collision meshes in MeshViewer. Arent they meshes after all?

That finnish texture and the plane itself will surely fit very well in some customs maps and campaigns.

Nice work!!

General Discussion / Re: CMP Map Question
« on: 10-01-2019, 04:01:33 »
We may wait a bit more then

Personally, I'm waiting for that day to come ;D

General Discussion / Re: CMP Map Question
« on: 08-01-2019, 18:01:32 »
Since last FH2 update, some rework is needed on the maps. That work is still being done and a first release of some maps is already planned in the months to come.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 04-01-2019, 17:01:11 »
Hi all.

I've searched if anyone else has already asked/suggested this and I haven't found anything so here it goes:

Let's say we have a Flak 88, shoot and reload, get out of it and and then get in again. At this time, we have to reload the gun again even if it was already loaded when we left it. This same thing happens with any cannon-kind weapon as mortars and tanks.

My question is: could this be changed so when we use a asset of this kind, it recovers the state it was when it was left? If it was unloaded, we will need to reload, otherwise we can use it directly.

I've opened BF2 to check this and it works this way with the only difference that the reload is made even if no one is inside, but maybe this behavior can be changed to the one I said

Modding / Re: I finally made it! :D
« on: 31-12-2018, 15:12:49 »
I like the end music!! That was a nice introduction in BF3

Modding / Re: HELP with Sound editing...
« on: 31-12-2018, 15:12:55 »

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