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Off-Topic / Need Cartoons that Show Cultural Barriers
« on: 05-10-2013, 22:10:02 »
As title says, I'm in need of 'diversified' cartoons which demonstrate or poke fun at cultural barriers between countries. Thus, I figured what better place to turn to than the FH community, considering how diversified we are... I could get tons of cartoons from the US perspective, but what fun would that be?  :D Post 'em up ladies...  :-*

Off-Topic / Everyone Has Their Weaknesses...
« on: 18-07-2012, 23:07:09 »
I guess for Sir Winston Churchill it was chocolate; I always knew he was a smart man...  ;D

Off-Topic / Wal-Mart Rebellion...
« on: 24-01-2011, 17:01:48 »
News Update:

Today I saw an article which (once again) brought mixed emotion, a mixture of anger, disgust, and uneasyness...

We all know the world has become a complete battle of greed, however, the idea that a corporate entireprise as big as Wal-Mart and other stores would consider destroying a national historic landmark just to increase their already enourmous profit. I find that rather disgusting, the lack of respect and honor for ones country, just to fill one's own pocket.

Anyways - this is about a Civil War site in Virginia where Wal-Mart wants to establish yet another building in their already over-whelming and dominating store chains.


Let me know what you think.

Off-Topic / Two suns for Earth in 2012?
« on: 21-01-2011, 22:01:39 »

      I got up this morning and noticed an article, thought it was rather interesting; anyone else know more on the subject? Apparently some are saying a supernova is going to happen in 2012, which will 'give the Earth two suns' for a temp. period of time.


Look more into if you want....

Off-Topic / Happy 70th Birthday to....
« on: 28-09-2010, 03:09:38 »
The Jeep!

    Yes, that's right. On this day (September 22nd), 70 years ago, the first "jeep" was rolled off the Bantam production lines in 1940. Really and interesting history of such a magnificent vehicle.

This hit me today when I was out looking at a new CJ-2A which I hope to acquire in the near future, which is the first civilian jeep modded directly after the Willy MB and Ford GPW jeeps of WW2.

The first jeep:
Bantam Prototype (Pilot):



Which was later followed by the BRC-40 and 60, and led to the involvment of Ford and Willys Overland into the production of their very own models, the Willys MA and the Ford GP. Which, because of their production abilities went on to become responsible for the max production of their latest and most efficient models, the Willys MB and Ford GPW as you commonly know them....

Little History:

So, here is a cake in dedication to the 70th Birthday of the jeep!

Suggestions / Ambulances
« on: 03-09-2010, 22:09:24 »
   I was thinking (bad idea, I know)... and I thought, perhaps, why not add ambulances? It could be a tactical advantage on the battlefield. It would be like a weapons carrier providing ammo, except it would supply unlimited health. You could also carry passangers like they would, and if there is a medic in the ambulance, it would heal you twice as fast. Maybe offer some other advantages for medics to ride in an ambulance? Maybe also have a penatly for destroying an ambulace. also, instead of dropping ammo crate, it droppes a medic kit, or a stretcher which heals? I would say 5 or 4 passanger per ambulance. An example ambulance for the Americans would be a Dodge WC-54 (see below).

What do you think?

Restored One:

One in Action:

Different Angles:

Off-Topic / Enfield P-14 Markings....
« on: 27-08-2010, 03:08:08 »
     I was wondering if any of you could provide me with the proper marking identifications for an Enfield P-14 Rifle; Or at least the technical name for the location of each marking. Perhaps anything about any of the markings. I know a little bit, but any info you can provide would be appreciated... :)


Bug Reporting / Allies Speaking in Wrong Languages...
« on: 08-08-2010, 09:08:08 »
Not sure if this has been noted before, but I was playing on map Cobra with my bro. on a LAN co-op server, and when we were riding in a vehicle together, we had tendencies to say random quick chat in the wrong language. Such as we were American, and I would hear my brother's character beside me randomly yell "Grenade" in German (without actually saying any quick chat commands), and stuff like that. Also, any word on the M67 frag glitch on Goodwood (64). Where if you enter a german halftrac and hop in the rear gunner position a M67 frag grenade will float across the bottom of your screen going left to right....

P.S. I will be leaving for another week on vacation. So I probably wont be on here for a weak, don't start any interesting debates or controversial topics without me!  :P You'd miss my great input!  ;D Anyways... check these out and see-ya in a week or so!

Oddball  :)

Bug Reporting / Grenade in Halftrack
« on: 17-05-2010, 05:05:17 »
Alright, I don't have many details...but here it the problem:
    I was playing on a mulitplayer sever today; map - Goodwood, and when you enter the rear gunner position of the German halftrack a M67 frag grenade kind of floats across the bottom right hand corner of the screen for about 3 seconds. No I didn't grab any sreens, sorry. If you need some I might be able to go back and get some though.
I also know that i'm not the only person this happened to, another player (in_ur_base) was on the same server and said the same thing happened to him.

That's all  8),

Off-Topic / Britains Prime Minister Resigns...
« on: 11-05-2010, 20:05:57 »
I just booted up my computer, opened up the internet and on Breaking News, this. Gordon Brown (Britains PM) has resigned. To me this is something out-of-the-blue. So, I suppose you Brits could elaborate more on this... has this bean some long term dispute or was it just, all of a sudden? The part that interest me the most is: "LONDON - Gordon Brown announced on Tuesday that he was resigning as Britain's prime minister as talks between the opposition Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties appeared to be nearing a deal on forming a new government." alright, so...what you got for me?


Off-Topic / Bomb Scare in Times Square, N.Y.C....
« on: 02-05-2010, 21:05:30 »
    Just keeping you Europeans and others up-to-date on some important North American news: So, there was a Nissan Pathfinder with a homemade bomb inside, including propane (yikes) and gassoline, parked outside New York Square. The motive and whether it was an 'act of terrorism' or not isn't known yet. Apparently two police officers seen a man acting suspicious sitting inside a car, when he noticed he was being watched, he made a run for it. Then there was smoke and "flashes" noticed inside the automobile. This happened at 6:30 and Time Squares was evactuated by 8:00 yesterday afternoon.

Opinions ladies and gentlemen?

Oddball  :)

Off-Topic / Wreck and Treasure Hunting.
« on: 27-03-2010, 00:03:08 »
I found two things recently that I figured you people might find intresting:
1.) The wreck of a rare Curtiss SB2C Helldiver in Oregon (United States, for those who arn't fimiliar with the States) by loggers in the forest; no not 'Our Lumberjacks'.

Picture of an Curtiss SB2C Helldiver (Yes, it's a model)


2.) If anyone is looking for a fun and adventurous  investment , I found the perfect solution for you...
- A group that enjoys searching for WW2 Treasure  :o. Looks intresting. Seems like they are currently focusing on Japenese projects and Asain treasure. Looks like it might be worth looking into, if I had spare money to invest I might try to join up.

Let me know what you think,
Oddball  :)

Bug Reporting / Wrong Kit in Cobra?
« on: 28-02-2010, 06:02:53 »
Not sure if this is a mistake or done intentionally or whether this was brought up before. However, the pilot kit behind the P-51Ds on Cobra seem to be that of a German pilot kit, see figure 1.

Figure 1:

Kit respawns on the tan canvas (?) object.

Off-Topic / Recovery of a T-34 Tank
« on: 02-02-2010, 03:02:23 »
Hey, I figured I would share this intresting video/story... follow the link on the video to learn more. I just adore these stories of recovered WW2 equiptment. Amazing to think that after all those years the tank remained in such pristine condition and even started!  :o

Feel free to post any similiar stories, events, opinions or whatever you may have on this subject.

Suggestions / Bayonets...
« on: 10-01-2010, 08:01:24 »
Today I was playing around in a local server to get acustomed to the new maps, and for some reasons I decided to play around with the bayonet for a little while and realized a couple things...

a.) Maybe it's just me, but I was thinking the bayonet jousting is a little too casual and instead the action should be faster and more aggresive, perhaps even add a little grunting in too...similar to the automatic grenade caution when someone throws a grenade.

b.) It's always the same attack style, would it be possible to add more random attack styles, such as diagonal slashes and various stabs too?

What do you think?


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