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FH2 Help / Support / Re: Forgotten Hope 2 launcher problem
« on: 09-05-2019, 21:05:04 »
I also have the same problem for a long time. I havent been able to play Forgotten hope 2 since october last year, because of this. We really need a solution here!!

Hey! I always really appreciated the atmospheric soundtracks or songs you put in the loading screen and i would have two suggestions of different soundtracks to maybe add to the loading screens. The first one would be ''Our final Hope'' from Steve jablonsky and think it has the right set of tone for a World war 2 soundtrack.

 And the second one is also from Steve Jablonsky called ''Sentinel Prime'' Heard both soundtracks from some WW2 video and thought it fitted in preatty well. Both are a bit moody melancholic soundtracks but i feel it has some sense of hope in them aswell which i would think fits in perfectly before a battle starts.
Im not quite sure if i should have linked the songs right into here, but for copyright reasons i probably shouldn't.  Would be awsome if someone actually could implement these. What do you guys think?

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