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General Discussion / Re: fh2 Plagiarism (Keep a lookout for this)
« Last post by FHMax3 on 12-11-2017, 10:11:35 »
Nice to see you're still around Seth_Soldier  :)

Easy Eight, I downloaded this model, along with several others. Did I know they were  FH models? I kinda figured, I'm familiar enough with their older BF1942 stuff to know, even if the texture sheets wasn't signed. But since they were uploaded to a free 3d model download site over 3 years ago, and available for download under personal and commercial free license, I used them. I changed some things on the models, and the textures as well, to fit with what I'm doing with my mod, but I never claimed ownership of the models. Plagerism? Stolen models? Criminal? Seems a bit excessive, even coming from an FH fanboy...

I would suggest a simple Google search of "free 3d models" to see whats out there and who put it there, and under what conditions they can be used, BEFORE coming to a public forum and accusing anyone of anything.

EDIT: As a side note, it would have been easier for me if I did just "take" the model from the FH mod. The models I downloaded were in .max format. I had to open them in 3dsmax 12, convert them to .3ds, then open them in 3dsmax 7, make any changes to the model I deemed necessary, break apart the tank into it's hierarchy, set the pivots, create the bones, skin the tracks for animation, create the collisions and shadows, apply the texture, and then code after exporting. I can honestly say that I have just as much work in the model itself as the original dev. I chose to do this because even with all that work, these models were still unwrapped and textured, which (for me at least) is the most time consuming part of the modeling process. So, if I have anything to feel "guilty" about, it would be using the texture that I didn't not create.
Tactics & Tutorials / Re: Volkstrumgwher 45 "The rivet gun"
« Last post by FHMax3 on 12-11-2017, 09:11:16 »
762 just has a wait in line rule. if someone is ahead of you in line, you have to let them have the tank, kit whatever they're waiting for. they also have to make it clear they're waiting for it.
I remember on Totalize I was waiting for Tiger, and when it spawned, I jumped in. Then a guy, who was waiting for Tiger later than me ran up and started saying that I was farther than 5 meters from the tank, and I should get out.
General Discussion / Re: FH2 #2 Road to Glory - A CMP Campaign
« Last post by FHMax3 on 12-11-2017, 09:11:04 »
Hmph... From the map looks like enlarged Meuse River map.
Gaming / Re: Call of Duty: WW2
« Last post by FHMax3 on 12-11-2017, 09:11:43 »
I'd like to update my review a bit after watching almost all the missions now (I've finished watching the Hill 493 level). Actually the gameplay is not bad  :-X. If you stripped the game from its cutscenes, quicktime events, and other useless features, you have yourself a classic Call of Duty game. For example, the Operation Cobra level: you start by riding on tanks then assaulting German positions, using flak gun on stukas and in the end assaulting with your tanks the last German defenses. I could really see this as a level from CoD1 or CoD2. Call of Duty is no way historically accurate, but it has enough to immerse yourself in the battle.

I think my favorite level so far has to be the undercover Paris mission where you have to show documents to German officers to let you pass. This level reminded me a lot of Medal of Honor's undercover missions. It's great to see this concept in a CoD game.

I don't know, I was expecting much worse from this game's SP campaign but it doesn't seem all that terrible (from a casual perspective). I quite like the new mechanics of friendly soldiers throwing you ammo, grenades, health, or mortar strikes when you need them. I mentioned this before but I love the readdition of the health meter.

A comparison of two CoD games I made:

Atleast CoD2 got Point Du Houc correct.
There were a few things that were actually correct, like the American helmet, and... eeehm, eeehm, .... I saw a plane which looked historically correct (Thunderbolt?). And, oh: the German helmet was correct too. Actually all helmets. And the MG42 looked good too, but I think that's about it.

The Thunderbolt looked like a P-36 IMO. Unless that was not the D variant.
Off-Topic / Hi all! Back from the dead!
« Last post by [40-1]Status_Quo on 12-11-2017, 08:11:27 »
Hi guys,

Not here to register or anything, but I saw some [F|H] tags running around on our [40-1] server and this made wonder.. could it be the same F|H is used to take part in back in the BF1942 mod days!?

Turns out you are still going stronk! Good to see that!

I used to play in the campaign, must have been in 2004/2005 or so, yes ancient times. I had to stop playing because of availability issues, I joined the army back then, otherwise I think I would have been around for years to come.

Wondering if Dutch and HerrKreutz are still around? Are they? Dutch used to be the big cahoona and supreme leader when I was around, a very dedicated man so I would not be surprised if he is still here.

Also I used to have a squadleader (allied team) I can't remember his gamertag but his first name was Marko and he is from Serbia, as I recall he was into conceptart and game design.

I am fairly sure my handle back then was SirHinkel or Hinkel, something like that, could also have been Shermanator (no not the youtuber, he was still in diapers back then! :D )I was a kid back then and didn't care about branding, so I changed my name all the time, but the more I think of it it was probably SirHinkel or Hinkel

Would love to get in contact with these guys!

Anyway, good to see you are still around, you have a good thing going!


Status Quo

[edit] I think I remember Marko's gamertag, it was ActionMan I believe?
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Hjaldrgud on 12-11-2017, 04:11:14 »
General Discussion / Re: Faustpatrone still ingame?
« Last post by Matthew_Baker on 12-11-2017, 03:11:25 »
Don't think it's ever been in the game. Hopefully will have it in some new maps when they're released :)
General Discussion / Faustpatrone still ingame?
« Last post by VolkssturmGewehr on 12-11-2017, 02:11:20 »
Hi everyone. I've seen a few posts talking about using the Faustpatrone in previous versions of the game, it is present in the game files, but I've never actually seen it ingame. Is it available in 2.52?
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Seth_Soldier on 11-11-2017, 16:11:45 »
You've checked Video.con at Documents\Forgottenhp 2\Profiles\0001?

It has a line

VideoSettings.setResolution 3840x2160@60Hz
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