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I can't really think of any game that gives this kind of gameplay, in this manner... ?
Iron Front came close but the troop numbers were too little, and there were too few vehicles around (IMO)

Oh, and messing with the game files you can give yourself pretty much any weapon or vehicle you want, quite easily. However, this is only for singleplayer! i also did an edit in which I made the StG44 behave more like it does in other "shooter games", giving it considerably less recoil when aim/zoom firing, which feels great!

What cha'll think?
Announcements / Re: Tout avec lui dit Boum - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« Last post by batistadk on 04-07-2021, 21:07:37 »
Nice work, beautiful grenades! Well done guys!

Best regards,

Announcements / Tout avec lui dit Boum - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« Last post by Eat Uranium on 04-07-2021, 17:07:44 »
Coming at 1800 UTC.

Tout avec lui dit Boum
FH2 Help / Support / Re: Static mesh
« Last post by claudio on 01-07-2021, 23:07:05 »
THank you very much for your answer!
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by nysä on 01-07-2021, 12:07:34 »
Indeed, that would have been a nice feature... even regarding Marder I, the driver had to exit the vehicle before it could be fired. Quite literally, a 7.5 cm Pak 40 auf Slf.LrS  8)

FRIDAY , July 2nd, 18hUTC , the map Tornio will be played in Karelian Wolves Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign


"On 3 October the forces the Germans had gathered together between Tornio and Kemi started moving towards Tornio. Two Finnish battalions from JR 11 and one from JR 53 faced three German battalions supported with armor and artillery. The initial German attempt in the morning was repulsed and several tanks were lost. Both sides now planned to attack which caused the flanking Finnish battalion to stumble into a German battalion which resulted in both getting tied down. This however did not prevent the German main attack from forcing the Finns to retreat who however managed to halt the German advance before the situation became too grave. Though the Finns had slight numerical superiority in infantry over the Germans the Finns had no artillery at all while the Germans could deploy several artillery batteries as well as several anti-tank guns. In the afternoon of 4 October the Germans attacked again this time managing to push the Finns to the Raumo river where the lines froze. Further German attempts to cross the Raumo river on 5 October were easily repulsed by the Finns.

On the night preceding the 4 October German forces north of Tornio also attacked Finns who had advanced to Alavojakkala. Finns were forced to abandon the already surrounded fuel depot and withdraw further to the south. Later on 4 October the German forces north of Tornio consisting of 3 infantry battalions, more heavily armed than their Finnish counterparts, with artillery support faced 3 Finnish infantry battalions. Finns expected main German effort to be coming from direction of Kemi and were ill-prepared for strong German attack from the north which advanced rapidly forcing Finns to retreat several kilometers before forming new defensive line at Keropudas river."

Click on the image below to join the Campaign
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Seth_Soldier on 29-06-2021, 19:06:07 »
Seth, regarding Tracteur Blindé, can you pivot/open the driver's armoured panels?
Unfortunately no,
it was built from the marder so i didn't think about adding this feature.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Static mesh
« Last post by jan_kurator on 27-06-2021, 09:06:17 »
try asking in the tech-support channel on our Discord.
FH2 Help / Support / Static mesh
« Last post by claudio on 27-06-2021, 06:06:34 »

The game doesnt start.

Please tell me how can I sync my shaders folder.

I´ve attached a pic that I think will help to explain what is going on.

(SORRY for my English)
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