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Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by Matthew_Baker on 07-12-2018, 16:12:37 »
If that’s the case, we’d have to make sure the assets are allowed to be used, otherwise nobody will release the map.

I’d hope you’re willing to make sure the map runs and plays well with the assets that you’re using, and do as much as you can to polish it before ‘finishing’ it. It might not include making statics, but it will still be a lot of work to polish as much as possible.
Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by blander on 07-12-2018, 16:12:52 »
I created a thread in the BG42 forum which has less than 10 threads in total. It is the only possibly active place someone could know about the devs. Places where there actually is a conversation about this are from 2008. I will probably never get an answer from someone that ditched the mod.

Mat, I will not wait a hundred years until a savior modeler arrives. I will release the map as soon as it is ready with whatever assets I have available. After all, I won´t make another map, I just wanted to contribute with something nice.
Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by Matthew_Baker on 07-12-2018, 16:12:04 »
Yea, maybe CMP or someone has gotten permission. But make sure not to release it without getting permission to use the stuff. We have to respect other people’s work, no matter how old it is.

Honestly, if the map is good, someone could come along a make some statics for it one day, you never know. Just concentrate on gameplay, I believe people liked the first test, so with tweaks hopefully it can be better on the 2nd test.

I think that once gameplay is where you want it, you can comb through an polish it to fix things like player movement and FPS drops and memory issues. Then things like textures, statics and lightmaps could be worked on to make it feel finished.
Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by jan_kurator on 07-12-2018, 15:12:12 »
Just a reminder that you need a permission from BGF devs to use their content, otherwise you can’t legally distribute download links to your map, if you keep ignoring that fact, I hope moderators will take care of it.

...As I said before, it will never have proper statics simply because nobody is going to make them. My goal is to contribute to this great mod and community by delivering a fun new map to play even though it is not historically accurate.
The fact there are not statics for it is one of the main resons we don’t have maps like Berlin or Stalingrad. You need to aim for achievable, you can’t just take content from other mods to finish your map.
Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by blander on 07-12-2018, 14:12:33 »
No, I just grab the files and put them into the map´s folder. Since they are from another BF2 mod, they work fine.

I´d like to add the map to the CMP map-pack once it´s finished. As I said before, it will never have proper statics simply because nobody is going to make them. My goal is to contribute to this great mod and community by delivering a fun new map to play even though it is not historically accurate.
Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by Matthew_Baker on 07-12-2018, 14:12:25 »
So you’re not exporting them from 3ds max then.

Is this a map you’re hoping to add to the CMP map-pack or are you trying to add it to the mod officially one day?
Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by blander on 07-12-2018, 14:12:47 »
They are from BGF mod for BF2, the export is very easy, specially because they are just statics. Last time I used 3dsmax was 11 years ago for WaW, I remember nothing about it.

I went through most buildings in the meshviewer and I removed all the heavy ones and replaced them with light poly but yet very good looking buildings. This map will never get proper statics done, nobody will make them.

I used previously unused CMP stuff and added a couple of BGF statics (I will add more in the future). I put this stalingrad building because the previous one that was there lagged too much because it had no LODs. This one only has LOD0 and LOD1, it´s better than nothing.

That location is a placeholder, if that building doesn´t work I´ll see what I put there.
Modding / Re: Berlin
« Last post by Matthew_Baker on 07-12-2018, 13:12:11 »
Are you the one exporting these statics into the game yourself? I ask because if you have that knowledge and skill, you can make a block out of buildings in a modeling program and export them to be modeled properly in the future.

Imo it would be best to use the stuff in the “vanilla” FH folder for now (even if it’s repetative) and make note of the places that would need a custom static to be replaced later. Ultimately that’s what this map would need in the end, and right now you’re still focusing on gameplay.

Plus these unique buildings (if not exported propoerly) could be causing some lag or memory issues and prevent you from finding out if you map is optimized or not.
General Discussion / Re: FH2 Campaign - "None But The Brave" Launched
« Last post by RAnDOOm on 07-12-2018, 11:12:54 »

FRIDAY , December 7th , 19UTC , the map Tarawa will be played


"On the morning of November 21, the second day of fighting, unexpectedly low tides continued to plague the U.S. assault. Again, assault troops had to leave their crafts short of the shore and wade in through enemy fire. In addition to being fired upon from shore, Marines were also assaulted from their sides and rear by enemy snipers who had entered the lagoon under the cover of night to position themselves on crafts that had been wrecked and abandoned the day before.

By noon, however, the tide finally began to rise, and U.S. destroyers were able to maneuver closer to shore to lend accurate supporting fire. Reserve combat teams and support craft transporting tanks and weapons raced to shore, and the ground assault finally took orderly form. The Marines moved inland, blasting surviving enemy emplacements with grenades, demolition packs and flamethrowers.

On day three of the battle, November 22, the Marines fought on, destroying several Japanese pillboxes and fortifications. That night, the last Japanese defenders of Betio launched a furious but futile banzai charge, or all-out, suicidal attack. Most Japanese soldiers fought to their death rather than surrender. At morning light on November 23, the defenders lay in tangled heaps: All but 17 Japanese soldiers had died defending Betio. Seventy-six hours after the invasion began, Betio was finally declared secure."

Thank you to Alubat for providing the pictures

Click on the image below to join the Campaign
General Discussion / Re: Blinking flag
« Last post by Kalkalash on 07-12-2018, 08:12:48 »
I absolutely love the blinking flags, it's one of the best things to happen in FH2. Before this regular conquest maps were just about racing from flag to another as there was one squad back-capping everything, this was already a douche thing to do in vanilla BF2 (so many Karkands and Jalalabads won just by being an asshole). It also brings pacing into push maps, as when you lose a flag, you organise defence on the next flag, instead of losing it immediately because someone has spent 15 minutes of a 20 minute match "precapping" a flag.

FH2 is about two big frontlines that smash against each other, not about hunting lone wolves sneaking behind your lines.

And besides, 90% of players don't even look at the map, so at most a back-capper has to deal with one or two enemies. Shouldn't be too much of a trouble to deal with that. This is a feature that's also been included in all modern BF games (since BF3 if I remember correctly), and it works well there too. And just like in FH2, most people don't even pay attention to it.
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