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Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« Last post by jan_kurator on 16-10-2019, 13:10:42 »
Instead of changing index in the existing weapons duplicate them with altered index and add only the new weapons you created in your kit to be sure they don’t cause the issue in other kits that can be used on the map. If you created new kit you want to use rather than editing existing one, you need to load it in the tmp.con or init.con in your map folder, I’m not sure, check how it’s done on other maps (those files are in the server.rar)
General Discussion / Re: Via per la Vittoria FH2 Campaign - Launched
« Last post by RAnDOOm on 16-10-2019, 12:10:10 »

FRIDAY , October 18, 18UTC , the map Gela will be played in the
"Via per la Vittoria" Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign

"The amphibious Battle of Gela was the opening engagement of the United States portion of the Allied Invasion of Sicily. United States Navy ships landed United States Army troops along the eastern end of the south coast of Sicily; and withstood attacks by Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica aircraft while defending the beachhead against German tanks and Italian tanks of the Livorno Division until the Army captured the Ponte Olivo Airfield for use by United States Army Air Forces planes The battle convinced United States Army officers of the value of naval artillery support, and revealed problems coordinating air support from autonomous air forces during amphibious operations."

Thank you to Hawk for providing the pictures

Click on the image below to join the Campaign
Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« Last post by Quebec44 on 16-10-2019, 10:10:29 »
Im really sorry to bother u this much, i understand what you're saying i did bind smg's and mg's such is beretta38 and mg42 to ''-i7'' and changed them in few kits with ''mg42bipod-i7'' (it was the only weapon with index 7 in the kit) started map got to 15% and shut down. Btw thanks for the info i'll try different number or get more info maybe that's not the only thing that has to be changed for it to work, anyway have fun its gonna be a cool day! Arigato. (no need to reply)
Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« Last post by jan_kurator on 16-10-2019, 10:10:42 »
You can use any index as long as there is no other weapon in the kit using it already. Be sure your kit uses proper weapons with changed indexes. There is no reason for it not to work.
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Kasztelan on 16-10-2019, 10:10:14 »
Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« Last post by Quebec44 on 16-10-2019, 10:10:08 »
Thanks for answering! I was just wondering can i create another same weapon with different index like any pistol with index -i4/5/6/7/8 beside index 2/i3? I tried copying the same tweak file and just changing index number but didnt work.
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by nysä on 16-10-2019, 08:10:53 »
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Seth_Soldier on 15-10-2019, 22:10:20 »
Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« Last post by jan_kurator on 15-10-2019, 19:10:35 »
I'm not sure what are you trying to achieve, but weapons can only have 1 index to work, separate tweak file technically means a separate weapon, which usually is a copy of the existing one only with altered index (Index is weapon slot in your weapon selection menu). For example, side arms like pistols have index 2 by default, but there are also -i3.tweak files for alternative version of some of them, to be used in a kits where pistol/revolver is your main weapon (mostly AT kits). For example, in the bazooka or panzerschrek kit, your side arm is weapon #3 (index 3), but support class with MG will use other tweak file with pistol being weapon #2 (index 2). If you create a kit in which there will be more than 1 weapon referring to the same index number, your game will crash.

Forum is nearly dead nowadays, it's better to ask stuff like that on our Discord where more people hang out.
Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« Last post by Quebec44 on 15-10-2019, 18:10:04 »
Hi! Um im not really sure this is the right place to ask this. Im hoping some1 can help me with weapon kits, yes i want to edit them (add/remove some weapons in them). Also i saw some weapons have two index numbers in ''separated'' tweak files so i've kind of tried something similar didn't work, i'd really be grateful to any1 who would help me and explain how is that possible for same weapon to be assigned to more than 1 index and could it be made/separated into more than 2 index/es?
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