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General Discussion / Re: Another Theft Attempt?
« on: 02-02-2019, 10:02:18 »
Thanks for letting us know, we'll investigate.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 01-02-2019, 14:02:08 »
Just a regular Suomi with a barrel shroud from the bunker variant?

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 29-01-2019, 20:01:34 »
Nope, not here.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 28-01-2019, 21:01:06 »
Plenty of things that'll keep me busy for years.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 28-01-2019, 19:01:11 »
I do not have plans on ever making Viipuri, simply because it would be quite difficult to balance and the biggest factor is that we'd need such a huge load of pretty map specific statics that it is with this manpower situation completely out of question. You can only get so far with reskinning existing buildings.

So, at least I wont be tackling that sort of behemoth anytime soon if ever. It is not on my radar.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 27-01-2019, 20:01:32 »
Wish I had the statics for Viipuri...  :P

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Discord
« on: 24-01-2019, 22:01:08 »
We have updated our invitation link to:

New users enter an introduction channel now, but can see and post in barracks and tech-support. Once you have a role, you will be able to see the rest of the channels.

General Discussion / Re: Ranks and Unlocks?
« on: 17-01-2019, 21:01:26 »
BFHQ is only tied to BF2 and has never functioned with FH2. With the EA server shutdown, BFHQ is presumably completely driven down by now and it does not take you anywhere. This feature is just a BF2 remnant and you should not be concerned about it when you are playing FH2.

There are no unlocks in FH2, instead it has pickup kits littered around the map that you can grab for yourself (default key G I believe). These weapons are usually heavy weapons such as deployable machineguns, mortars, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, anti-tank weapons and generally some extra firepower. Sometimes you might stumble upon some of the rarer weapons such as the Fliegerfaust or an easter egg kit like the angry farmer or Indiana Jones kit. These kits are pretty much always littered around on tables or crates and are usually located near player spawn locations, ammoboxes or within main bases.

Just like Heroes & Generals or Post-Scriptum or Festung Europe or or or...

Suggestions / Re: Facelifting old & disliked maps
« on: 02-01-2019, 18:01:31 »

So do you mean the lack of manpower issue applies more so to the singleplayer department rather than the mapping department?

You could say so, yes. We currently have only one person who can do navmeshing and he has a ton of other work. And if you ask me, the stuff he is working on is far more important than the single player stuff. But yeah, this has been discussed before and very recently on our discord server too. If we had a person who was willing and capable of facelifting AND navmeshing old maps, we could perhaps consider this option. I personally would love to see some of the older maps getting some love, other than gameplay fixes (which of course are very important too).

Suggestions / Re: Facelifting old & disliked maps
« on: 01-01-2019, 19:01:41 »
I love the idea, sadly singleplayer goes out of order if we touch any statics, ie. switching BF2 sandbags to FH2 versions.

Off-Topic / Re: Hey fellas!
« on: 29-12-2018, 02:12:39 »
New phone, who dis?

Announcements / Re: Stormcannon - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 24-12-2018, 01:12:51 »
It is actually Ps.531-60.

Announcements / Re: Stormcannon - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 23-12-2018, 22:12:29 »
Yippee! Finally, after all these years.  ;D

Modding / Re: balanced operation_aberdeen
« on: 23-12-2018, 19:12:56 »

Set a date and provide a download link and ask people to join.

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