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Suggestions / Re: Easter Eggs you'd like to see.
« on: 29-07-2009, 11:07:27 »
How about the granatbuchse39 as a kit? With High explosive and Anti-tank rounds. We do have the Brit riflenade kit already, so why not give the Germans a cool grenade kit of some sorts.

oh, i forgot to add that I really like the idea of musicians (especially a bagpiper), it would be cool to have the instrument work as a morale or health tool. It would be so cool to hear a piper in the distance playing a wee tune and to have anyone who is close enough to the piper get totally healed or have his stamina bar fully boosted. (the stamina idea I really like)

 A british or Canadian Bagpiper's kit could have:
                               1) a Dirk (which is a short sword, or long ass knife depending on definition of its' use)
                               2) Lee Enfield No.4
                               3) Bagpipes

 for the Germans, I propose some sort of Oom- Pa- Pa Brass instrument like a tuba
 for Russians, a guitar or balalaika
 for Japanese, a woodwind flute
 for the French, a French Horn or a Harp (lol)
 for the Americans, a trumpet or a fife
 for the Italians, a clarinet (like the ones from Giarabub theme song)

 Finally, I don't know what the Finnish would play as a national instrument but how about a rack of antlers  :P

We could get the Americans to play Garry Owen!

Suggestions / Re: D-Day ships
« on: 29-07-2009, 11:07:02 »
I imagine there would have been alot of ships on the horizion to look at for the germans.

That was a portion of it, there were so many ship that they would literally go over the horizon and disappear in the distance. I've seen some photos (Unfortunately I can't find them :\ ) where it shows all the ships taken while in formation and its amazing.

Your idea is pretty good though

Suggestions / Re: Weapons I hope to see soon!
« on: 29-07-2009, 10:07:42 »
This would have been better off in the suggestion forum. And just because these weapons were in WWII does not mean the devs will be able to put them into the mod. I'm not sure about the first weapon but the second one you probably won't see for a while. FH2 is concentrating on the Normandy front right now, and there is question as to which front is next.

oops! I am new though, so I havn't seen the suggestion forum yet. I have seen many people asking for a french front next.

Suggestions / Weapons I hope to see soon!
« on: 29-07-2009, 08:07:06 »
I was looking at all the weapons for Fh2 (I had just deleted Fh1 because I couldn't run it on windows no matter what I tried) and I noticed that I didn't see a few weapons that I know were in WW2 at some point!

The Weapons would be the:

1. Vz. 24 Rifle, used by Germans, this was produced in 1 factory during ww2 I believe and was made specifically for German Occupiers.

Stats of the weapon:
Made in: 1924 by Czechoslovakia
Clip: 5 Rounds
Mode of Firing: Bolt-action
Ammunition: 7.92x57mm


2. M50 Reising Machine gun, this was given to the USMC in the pacific theater because the m1 carbine had not been issued yet.The gun would see use in Guadalcanal. The M50 was used in place of the Thompson sub machine gun because it was much lighter.

Stats of the Weapon:
Made in: 1940 Manufatured by Harrington & Richardson. The designer was Eugene Reising who also patented it.
Clip:12 or 20 round box clips, sort of like the Thompson.
Mode of Firing:Full-Auto
Ammunition: .45 Acp (Thompson used the same) and .22 LR (In the M65 variant)

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