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BF 1942 Mod Event: Charlie don't Surf you are invite!

Hi [FH Pub WD] Community you are invite to join the 1st "Charlie don't Surf" Event 2012!

Start:.....................FR 06.01.2012
Time:.....................8pm (CET)
Server Name:........[HSLAN Server] EoD Mod 2.31
Server IP for play:.

If do you havent this mod on your hardesk, you can download this mod for free! Please got it:

EVE OF DESTRUCTION 2.30 Vietnam Krieg Mod! Full Client Installer (Part 1 - 3), after then 2.31 Patch! (01.02.2011)

Eve of Destruction » Downloads »

Eve of Destruction 2.31 Patch (6.5.2011)

Eve of Destruction Classic 2.31 Patch (Client) download - Mod DB



Old traditions should not be forgotten, and certainly not the takes place once a year, driven by inside 3on3 Cup. Therefore, the year 2011 will bring about a time which will be to determine this time on the 8 January 2012.

Attentive reader will have found now a certain incongruent information situation the previous text. The 3on3 Cup held 2011 really in 2012? Not at all! Rather, full takeover brought also the conversion of the inside clock on the by various totalitarian leader figures of in world history of favored Julian calendar with the 1918 world by the DHA clan in the wake of the 2009 Cup. For historical reasons, as well as affront to Cicero, which burns out to repeat his erstwhile their surprise victory and to whet this notch once again. But is also like the: still is the 8th January 2012 in the inside universe necessarily 26 December 2011 to be considered (see this link). As a Christmas present Ernst Friedrich is able to present again until that time also the page in the usual speed.

But enough of the introduction, now the hard facts, which I copy also conscious of tradition only from the last year's news and adjust according to the new circumstances:

Connector 3on3 Cup 2011: Sunday, 8 January 2012 (Gregorian calendar) or Sunday, 26.12. 2011 (Julian calendar) from 16: 30 [gmt]

* 2011 Rules *.

As always, there is only one tournament card to crush big best annoying map tagged friend before the wars in the bud. Each team may give therefore his voice for one of the three following cards. The Siegermap is determined according to the democratic principle and announced a day before the tournament.

-La Grande Bataille
-Vitry classic

The prior notification of a team is required until Friday, Epiphany, 6.1. 2012 (GK), or Friday, Holy evening, 24.1 2011 (JK) midnight! Please simply copy the following ARC, fill out and send to Vellern by PM. Also we can be happy this way with silly questions harass us, yes still emerging.

Team name:
Team leader:
Team members:

We determine the exact mode of the tournament on Friday before the tournament, if we can approximately estimate the numbers of participants. Favorite is a codification system like in the previous year, in an emergency, the double-elimination-principle can be applied but again. Recommendations, opinions and discussions, are very welcome in the comment form of this news. The draw will take place on Saturday.

-Tournament rules-

Number of participants: At least three members per team, maximum five. Any team member number are fourth and fifth thus the server player. Each player must be registered only for a team. After the start of the first tournament game the team constellations can be changed also, before this deadline at any time.

Matchdata: Pro match two rounds with each 100 tickets and 10 minutes time limit. Tickets are added at the end of the round and then represent the final result.

Other: due to a tight schedule, player drops fall, as far as not serverside conditionally, under the slogan "Tough luck". In such a case, the match goes further still, the team can immediately connect a substitute from the team pool. Substitutions are allowed at any time. At Servercrash, the round will be opened again new from scratch. The win is included only in a pure clan team (i.e., all participants from the same clan) in the success history inside clan database. Maximum number of teams: 16 (first come, first served). Players, whose preferred football based in of occupies the qualifying for the Champions League, are server-side with a doubling of the ping and constantly pop-up Spee quotations (thematic focus: mass destruction, Russian sluts and Rainforest Ranger) sanctioned by admin-chat.

* 3on3 Cup past winners *.

Winners 2005:-= DHA = - the young Union
Winner 2006: (TAR) Analstahlcrew
Winner 2007:-= DHA = - Rhine watch
2008 Winner: |FF| Life juice Angel of sadness vs. Randy Disher project
The winners of 2009:-= DHA = - Keimania
Winner 2010: HaSiJoMi


BF 1918 3.1 alle 3 Teile hintereinander installieren (19.05.2011)

(Quelle: & inside1918)

wow, that's actually really cool. Hope all goes well with the map.

Anyone thinking we could make a 1:1 scale of Omaha Beach for FH1?
I used to love EoD and I still play EoD2 now and then (its been a long while... maybe I should get back to that with Uranium :)) and its great to see that EoD for 42 is still kicking.

What a map. Really. That is one big mofo I give em that. But how playable is it? You have 64 players and one huuuuuge playing field, doesnt seem too actionbased but its hard to judge. :)
A map that big for FH2 would be great for a bombing map with B-52 and the likes ;o)
A map that big for FH2 would be great for a bombing map with B-52 and the likes ;o)

You mean B17 right? Would love to see that but the devs don't like the idea of "bomb civilians" missions...

A map that big for FH2 would be great for a bombing map with B-52 and the likes ;o)

You mean B17 right? Would love to see that but the devs don't like the idea of "bomb civilians" missions...

But we had "Bombing The Reich" in FH0.7 with alot of objectives. Now lets make it even bigger with lots of planes and you have a awesome map that fits into the pool of FH2 maps with a nice change from the standard maps. Bombing doesn't automaticly mean to bomb civilians. Factories etc. does also fit this kind of map very nice.

Now that is some seriously cool stuff right there. Might have to find BF1942 somewhere and try to get it run if that map gets playtime... ohhhh, the airborne operations you could have on that map... now if THAT was played with 128 or 200 players... ;D
holy S¤#&Q!

that is one big map !  ;D

now lets try to make one for fh2  ;)

Thank you all for your feedback, with also a great interest people news to making fun!
"FHPUB warumdarum" have the best international open User Community!

I wish you a merry christmas!
Slide good in 2012.:-)


Not much words. Just some facts and 2 videos.

This is the largest map ever made for EoD, and maybe one of five made for Battlefield 1942.

It has the size of Khe Sanh, Operation Hastings, Operation Prairie and Landingzone X-Ray together in one huge map!
It takes you about an hour to drive with a jeep to every corner of the map and about 3-4 minutes with a Mig-21.
The map size will be about 160MB (compressed).

Now we need a new code from EA for 256 players

Eve of Destruction v2.40 - Infinite Map Preview

Eve of Destruction v2.40 - IL-28 flight through Infinite map

You'll need actual hardware to play this map in coop.
With a 3 years old intel E8500 and nvidia GT9800-1024 I get 100 fps in CONQuest and about ~75 fps in COOP.
Older PC may have spf instead of fps!


SUMMER EVENT 2                                                                                                                   

Hi at all!
Hope you had a pleasent time on
last Sunday event.

Here comes next event:
[size=18]Sunday 17th of JULY
17.00 GMT+1

Played some of these mods, mostly EoD and Battlefield 1918. Sometimes Battlgroup 42, but the tanking system is not so good to my mind (sorry, only my mind). I think, EoD and Battlefield 1918 are realy woth the download. You can have so much fun ... for free. I don't want to start a DLC discussion about BF3, but when you look at EoD with around 100 maps and tons of nice vehicles ;D. ... just laughable to spread DLC with 4 maps and some toys for money before the initial release of a game.

So go and download!!!

I agree.
I am play often on this mods too.

General Discussion / BF 1942 Mod Events & playdates
« on: 15-06-2011, 11:06:15 »
Yes! Its a old game, but everyday you have lot of action on the Server to play one of this Mods!
Think about it, you make the difference.;-)
Every player is one more in the result and helps to beware the fun!

1.Events: Sunday Night Games BF1918 3.1 Event!
We play it at 8pm CET like actually each sunday.
Now you will be need the actually new BF 1918 3.1 Mod for play with us on the " Public Server 3.1".

2.BATTLEGROUP 42 1.7 Mod Event: Each WED and SUN we play on the "[MOB] Clanserver BG42 1.7".
It starts 8pm CET!

3.Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod Mappack Event: Each WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY at 7 PM we play the Pixel Mappacks on the FH 0.7 "Pixel Fighters Server".
This mod becomes everybody meet all around the clock played, a lot of fun.
Now you will be need the actually Mappacks for play with us.

4.Eve of Destruction Mod 2.31 release celebrate 6th Event: Charlie don’t Surf
At 01/07/2011 we start the "Charlie don`t surf" Event like each 1st Friday in month, start is 8pm CET, it runs actually EoD 2.31! But outside of the events, EoD will be everyday play at 8pm CET!

5.SILENT HEROES 1.2 Mod Event: At TUE 14/06/2011 is the regular SH 1.2 Event and FRI 17/06/2011 the costum Map Event
We play each Tuesday and Friday actually SILENT HEROES 1.2 at 8pm CET on the "OPFS SilentHeroes 1.2" & OPFS SilentHeroes 1.2 Costum" Server. Now you will be need the actually SH 1.2 Mod and Mappack for play with us.

6.Finn Wars 1.81 Mod Event!
Every day at 5pm CET - 10pm CET play the people this mod!
The Server "FinnWars 1.81 - Mediatraffic" is evertime running in CONQUEST.


You want to join one of the BF 1942 Mod Events?
Got one of your favourite BF 1942 mod for free Download, pimp your good old game and give him new "colour/textures/value/face":


Mappack Download for the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod!

1."Pixel Fighters" Mappacks for play at the events:

2.Regular "Fan Mappacks" for play at the events:

To be able to play Mods you need the on-line patch!

1.61 patches, is required if you still have the old BF 1942 without X stack, last then you have to do with small 1.61b to patch over again!

You need 1.61b patch if have her BF 1942 with X stack!

Active Mod projects!

BATTLEGROUP 42 1.7  (2nd World War 5 files, one instal after the other! 20.10.2010)

BF 1918 3.1 all 3 parts one instal after the other! (19.05.2011)

EVE OF DESTRUCTION 2.30 US vs Vietnam War (Everybody 3shares one after the other instal! 01.02.2011)
EoD 2.30 full Client Installer (Part 1/3)

EoD 2.30 full Client Installer (Part 2/3)

EoD 2.30 full Client Installer (Part 3/3)

EoD 2.31 Patch 6.5.2011 (the Patch)

Battlefield Heroes 42 / 2.5 - 20.02.2011[/color]

Desert Combat 0.7:

Desert Combat FINAL:

Desert Combat GLOBAL FRONT 0.2A (its a Mod Mod, they needed DC 0.7 and DC Final, you can also enjoy DC GF 12.4.2010)

BF242 / 1.5b - BF2 conversion for BF1942 (26.01.2010)

BF Heroes 42 - BF Heroes conversion for BF1942 (07.02.2011)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 (2nd World War Realism, places still graduations! 3share one after the other instal! It is required for FHSW! 2.7.2007)

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons FHSW 0.42 (FH 0.7it is required! Everybody 2shares one after the other instal! Japanese project FH! Its a top Mod! 25.10.2010)

FHSW 0.42a Bugfix (12.11.2010)


Still liked played Mods:

Finn Wars EXTENDED 01.12.2010 2nd World War estabilish from Finnland, included the patch!

New Patch 1.8 released, you will be need, if you have the old version Extended (Release 29.11.2010)

Galactic Conquest 0.5

GC Patch 0.53

Galactic Conquest Mappack 2011 for 0.53 you will be need it for join a server 02.04.2011

Silent Heroes 1.2  ( 3rd World War in Skandinavia included german modern weapons! 20.12.2008)

Costum Mappack 1.4 - 01.09.2010

Download Link for the 1.4 to 1.5 Patch 21.01.2011:

PIRATES 1.0 (This Funmod will be play in the Pirate time with some nice features and fun! 2.5.2007)

Hello! all FH-fans

This year the D-day is on sunday and monday,
so we make it possible for YOU to join the event
SUNDAY 5th of June
and MONDAY 6th of June.

We Celebrate D-day in two parts.

Pixel-fighter Salutes WWII Heroes!

Day 1

Day 2

Your PFC-Crew

All what you need for this Event is:
Forgotten Hope 0.7 (2nd World War Realism, places still graduations! 3share one after the other install)

1.range) Here you will be find the important "FH - Mappacks" for the "D-Day Event":

2.range) Here you will be find the important "FH - Mappacks" for the "D-Day Event":

(Quelle: pixel-fighters)


[BLOCK]After more than 3 years of developing and finalizing the new version of Battlefield 1918 we finally have come to an end. Plenty of novelties, much of them not even published yet, will surely compensate the long and hard waiting period. Major Release 3.1 will ship in with 45 new handweapons, vehicles, planes and ships. As well as 35 completely new and 5 heavily revised maps plus botsupport for 30 old & new maps. Beside we're proud to reintroduce some well-known maps which sadly had to be cut out in the last release. At this point we also would like to thank all the supporters and helpers who were so kind to help us during the last 3 years: Only to name a few are of course the devteam and its constantly alterning memberpool, CamelNele, the other still active and helpful mod teams behind conversions like BattleGroup42 and Eve of Destruction and all the other persons who helped us with betatesting. Without their patience and enthusiasm the version wouldn't have become what it is now!
But finally we would like to present the probably last version of our beloved First World War modification. Although, depending on your feedback a following patch is subject to change at the moment and in addition the 3rd Forgotten Honor campaign is already in preparation. So you can be sure that we won't suddenly disappear after this presumable last big release.
In the name of the whole Team we would like to wish you much fun and that you enjoy the new release 3.1!

Now here's the link to MR 3.1:


Thanks to for Hosting

It's a full release - please delete any older versions of BF1918 on your harddrive to ensure a proper installation!

At long last you can view our changelog to get a good overview of the significant changes:

New Maps:

Western Europe

Ypres Streets
Next Stop berlin
Belleau Wood
Chateau Thierry
Raid on Fort Pontisse
Battle of Halen
Liberation of Roselare
Fort Douaumont

Eastern Europe

Brussilov Offensive

Southern Europe


Mid East

Fao Landing
Scimitar Hill
Mughar Ridge


Falkland Islands

Significantly revised Maps:

Bismark Archipel
Saint Quentin Canal
Tanzanian Plains

Coop-only Maps:

Straits Field
Battle of the Giants
Broken Hill

New Stationary Weapons:

Canon de 120mm Mle 1878
LivensProjector Mortar
Train Artillery
150mm Skoda
9cm Minenwerfer M.14
L24 Fahrpanzer
Le Prieur Rocket Mortar
9.2 inch Mark I Howitzer
MG 08 with Scope
152mm Obuchov
91mm m/16 Type GR Mortar
Schneider 1913
Schwarzenlose MG 07/12
Villar Perosa MG 1915
25cm schwerer Minenwerfer a/A
75mm Cannone da 75/27 mod.06
7.5cm Gebirgskanone M.15
Putilov 76.2mm m/02

New Vehicles:

Autocar MG
Autocar Transport
Autoblinda Lancia IZ
Mark I Supply MG Tank
Mendelejev Tank
Minerva Armoured Car
PomPom auf Lafette
Schneider CA 1 Tank
Treffas Wagen Tank
Mark VIII "Liberty"
Panzerauto Junovicz

New Aircrafts:

Airco DH4 Bomber
Observation Balloon

New Ships and Submarines:

SMS Gneisenau
U-Boot Jäger
Gunboat (Donaumonitor)
Torpedoboot LM7
SMS Scharnhorst
SMS Dresden
SMS Emden
SS River Clyde
Steam Schooner
USS Wickes

(River: inside1918)


Time for an update soldiers !

We're proud to present Eve of Destruction classic v2.30 with a brandnew AI feeling.
Before we start...
here are some interesting statistics of the game.

EoD was first released in 2003 so this is year 8 of the modification !
8 years of fun gaming and still for free.:)

Ideas and work of about a hundret people ran into the mod.

And here some facts of what we've modified all these years for Battlefield 1942:

- 208 maps all including multiplayer support
- 8 teams (US, Special Forces, NVA, Vietcong, ARVN, Australian Forces, French and Pathet Laos)
- 117 drivable vehicles (41 air, 48 land, 28 sea)
- 33 stationary weapons like cannons, mortars, anti-air
- 46 handweapons
- 436 static objects like buildings
- 106 vegetation objects with some hundret variants
- 152 effects

Wow ! That's a lot of stuff. So if you are tired of playing any other Vietnam game and want to drive some more vehicles don't hesitate to install EoD.:)

EoD v2.30 Release

New map: Abandoned Field

And now ladies and gentleman here's the new version with 7 new maps
- Deep Jungle
- Hill 916
- Kao Lang
- Operation Flaming Dart
- Night Patrol
- Tet Offensive_Night
- Train_Attack

and 11 overworked (=new) maps
- Nui Pek
- Operation Linebacker II
- Pacific Railroad
- River Canyon
- Struggle Through Cambodia
- Brown Water Navy
- Charlie don't surf
- Jocoseness
- Two Bridges

New vehicles, new weapons (see newspostings below) and statics.

To see the full changelog go here...

Jackson has created the new map
Operation Flaming Dart

Why full and no patch release ?
All maps - repeat - ALL MAPS- have got new AI code and 90% of the maps have been touched somehow. Modifications here, adjustments there.
Also the code of the teams and objects has been overworked.
So we had to decide if we have a patch of 3000 MB or a full version of 3300 MB.
A patch would be more trouble than it's worth so we made a full.

Known issues
The new antiperson mines (Claymore) don't work properly on dedicated servers (LAN and internet).
The enemy get's blown up and killed but no explosion effect and sound will be shown.
This is only on dedi server but it works fine in Conquest, Multiplayer and COOP on local PC.
We're still looking to fix this bug somehow but it seems to be a hardcoded problem for servers.


Eight new Maps, two new vehicles and numerous improvements in the already available contents. This is the balance of the new version from Eve of Desctruction Classic (EoD Classic) which is ready since few minutes for you to the download. On time for the eighth birthday of the Mod has Lotte the files to the download released. To the use of the 454-mb-patches must be installed before EoD Classic v2.31. We will complement other Mirror, as usual, in the course of the next 24 hours.

Play evening with hslan

Who would like to try out the new Maps immediately, can act tomorrow evening in bigger round. Like every first Friday in the month the boys from hslan invite to her play evening Charlie do not surf who is announced – how on the website of the clan – directly with EoD 2.31 is played. Who planned up to now still nothing, is able to do itself about the server data given below (IP: click shut in the round. There is small talk also, accessible under (TS3)

Maps, models and more

Finally we would still like to point to some news which we have not announced in the hectic rush of the last weeks on BF-Games. On the EoD website a video has appeared during April to the new Map Who'll stop the rain which we have suspended together with the preview on the Ilyushin IL-28 beagle. There a comic from is to be found also Sgt. Killboy, gives with it his deuce after successful return in the team. A lot of fun with it and with the new version!


Black Water

Buddhist Uprising

Hidden Airfield

Ngoc Linh Mountain

Operation Swift

Temple Complex

Who will stop the rain

Tip: To come in benefit of the new patches you need the EoD 2.30 client Full Version

EVE OF DESTRUCTION 2.30 US vs Vietnam War (Everybody 3shares one after the other instal! 01.02.2011)
EoD 2.30 full Client Installer (Part 1/3)

EoD 2.30 full Client Installer (Part 2/3)

EoD 2.30 full Client Installer (Part 3/3)

EoD 2.31 Patch 6.5.2011 (the Patch)

(Quelle: bfgames,translated by


With news to a WWII-Mod we are launched the day, with news to a WW2-Mod it goes on in the evening. How the last week announced, today the boys of Battlegroup42 have published version 1.7. Of the release encloses five files which bring it together on proud 3.4 GB. Mirror on the files you find in our data bank. There is not a patch for the version 1.61 on account of the extensive updates, and of it are really included an amount.

You find the download here in the forum under "download pool always actual":
BATTLEGROUP 42 1.7  (2nd World War 5 files, one instal after the other! 20.10.2010)

Updates in detail

In version 1.7 are found 26 new vehicles and stationary weapons, 22 new Maps, twelve new weapons, six new ships, four new airplanes and a new army. Beside models from the continuance of BGF and FHSW become here above all the Italian tanks from
Nimrod, the French vehicles from Krätzer and the ships from Convertible enumerated. Who is interested in the exact details, the entire list finds in the downloads deposited.

Anew: LCM 6 MK3

Many of the new models were already introduced, nevertheless, the last highlight the developers have canceled for the today's evening: the Landing Craft Mechanised (LCM) 6 MK3. The big brother of the LCVP landing craft became from SimLac models and by Solorien with the suitable texture stock. In BG42 the LCM transports a jeep (only Conquest) and complements thus the palette of landing vehicles.

Release party on the mob server

Who would like to try out the new version immediately, tonight this can act or on Sunday from 20 o'clock on the mob server ( On the called days it is gambled the Mod there regularly. Who does not finish the downloads today any more, does not need to be angry. As one says in the news on the BG42 page, above all the new cards are found during the next days in the rotation. If, besides, errors appear, the team asks this in the forum for it of the Mod to report.

Tips for the installation

To be able to play BG42, all five parts must be loaded and be installed. The preceding Battlegroup42 installations must be uninstalled before ABSOLUTELY completely and perhaps be deleted still available Battlegroup42 folders in the Mod directory BF1942!

[Herkunft: BFGAMES]


While one half of the community waits longingly for the release of Battlefield 3 in autumn, numerous players are still in the depths of the older Battlefield to titles. Battlefield 2 also takes pleasure furthermore of big popularity with Vanilla-and Modspielern and thus some years after the publication. Something special what games will not probably create like bath Company 1/2 in the same period. However, also to the father of the whole universe Battlefield in 1942 it goes well comparatively. This lies above all with the modifications and with it also with our today's finding piece
DC Global front.

New version, new Maps, new Screenshots
The Mini-Mod for Desert Combat had her first release a little bit more than one year ago. However, also today it is still screwed diligently in the project, according to the pictures new in (un) regular distances and information appear. Thus these become in the future version 0.2c, among the rest, the Map
DCGF Crush Em
exist which is a modified version of the Battle for Bulge card from the main game exist. Also the card
if is a modified card, the original DC Gauntlet. In addition, new Soldatenskins also come for the troops from Great Britain. Who is interested in the present release of the modification, that calls in in our data bank and finds there the actual version to download.

DCGF Crush Em 1

DCGF Crush Em 2

DCGF Crush Em 3

DCGF MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain)

BF 1942 Mod!

The spring stands before the door and with him a long expected release for Galactic Conquest. Who has thrown a look at the newest files in our download data bank, that has seen it already last night, for all the others here once again the tip: after more than half a year of development time Django and HC83 have published her Custom Mappack. Are included a whole series of known Custom Maps which were released from bugs and were completely reworked once again.

Mappack Download klick it:

Tips and tricks

We have deposited an entire overview of the contained maps in the download. There a few special tips and tricks as well as general assistances are found to every level also on the subjects Vehicles, Spaceships and Kits. Who would like to have a (almost) entire overview of the development, besides, can call in in the forum. There own Thread is found to the Mappack in which also found mistakes can be announced.

The first play evening on Sunday

To celebrate properly the publication, a small play evening on the GFG server is planned for this Sunday. Should enough players meet here to the Antesten, the trick is planned by Ingame videos. Who would like to join in, must instal before the Mappack Galactic Conquest v0.5 and the patch on version 0.53. Questions by the play evening and for the installation can be also put in the forum. We wish all participants a lot of fun!

GC Podrace:

GC Alaris Prime:

GC Endor:

GC ExtremePrejudice:

GC Kessel:

GC Ryloth:

GC TatooineRev2:



Well thing sometimes wants to have while what is valid in case of from FinnWars for the release of a new version, as well as for a news about that. Already on the 6th of December players from Finland have published an other patch for the WWII-Mod which brings the last quite big Build from 2006 once again on person in front. And exactly like the last release of FHSW also threatens to fall into oblivion this project. Nevertheless, thanks to a tip of Buschhans we have become attentive to it.

You find downloads here in the "download pool always actual":

Here 18 pictures for look in the mod:

(Quelle: bfgames)

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