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Tactics & Tutorials / Re: F|H 0.7 vs. F|H2
« on: 31-03-2009, 01:03:52 »
Im for the subforums, it makes things a little more tidy

Off-Topic / Re: No energy for this.
« on: 31-03-2009, 01:03:18 »
I know I come on for the friends, I don't come onto the forum just to read stuff from other people that I have no connection. i actually care about you guys. I wanted to know what your first words for in that recent thread, it's not just about the validity of the posts, but also how entertaining they are to us. Fuzzy Bunny's old vehicle manuals had really no bearing on anything at all, but by god they were a joy to read. I liked when flyguy posted his spanish paper with requests for people to help him with it, I like that people can do things like that and discuss it. It's like getting together daily with your group of friends and talking about whatever comes to mind. I just want to be able to talk like we're at a bar, discussing whatever it may be, girls, tanks, recent changes to airplane manufactures, it doesn't matter. I just hope we can maintain that, that's what made FF so special.

A Cafe type subforum would great, thats 3/4 of the reason why i check these forums, just to read in on the discussions and even add my 2cents from time to time. You could disable post count in this forum if you wanted, it wouldnt matter to most people.

Off-Topic / Re: New Names?
« on: 31-03-2009, 00:03:09 »
You and you bridges krad lol  ::)

I was [FBT]TannerTemp in the old forum and got to update it to my current ingame/clan name.

Well, I've already been a member of The Rogue Forums for a while, but as Donutz said many FF'ers are showing up there. Though how many will stay has yet to bee seen.

I doubt many will, i wont anyways. I dont see the point of following 2 forums on the exact same subject.

Tactics & Tutorials / Drive by tank killing
« on: 31-03-2009, 00:03:08 »
Its simple, one man drives the kubel/jeep, another (or three) ride shotgun with at kits.
Simply drive by unsuspecting tanks leaving a present on the way by. ;D
I know, its terribly unrealistic but it can make the dreadfully long sidi rezeig pass faster.

Off-Topic / Re: Deleting posts already?
« on: 30-03-2009, 05:03:13 »
hahahaha rep

Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« on: 30-03-2009, 03:03:25 »
Im a metalcore kinda guy, but also like rock and techno.

I listen to:
In Flames
Red Hot Chili Peppers
System Of A Down

Suggestions / Re: Kangaroo
« on: 29-03-2009, 18:03:33 »
there were a couple priests at first but it was mostly all the unused ram tanks after that afik.

Suggestions / Kangaroo
« on: 29-03-2009, 18:03:00 »
I posted this in the temp forums but this is probably a better place. :)

It would be a cool vehicle for the canadians and even the british
Quote from: wikipedia
A Kangaroo was a World War II British or Commonwealth armoured personnel carrier (APC), created by conversion of a tank chassis. Created as an expedient measure by the Canadian Army, the Kangaroos were so successful that they were soon being used by British forces as well. Their ability to manoeuvre in the field with the tanks was a major advantage over earlier designs, and led to the dedicated APC designs that were introduced by almost all armies immediately after the war.

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