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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 26-03-2010, 09:03:50 »
lol +1 me either. Any itialian speakers around care to translate?

Off-Topic / Re: US Health care reforms
« on: 24-03-2010, 17:03:36 »
But you seem to misunderstand our system. While your Democracies may have the power to remove whoever they want, whenever they want, our system must wait for election day, and voters don't get to remove Generals, or Admirals.

Add in the fact that our entire government is run by wealthy men, and you get a situation where the American people are helpless.
Surely there is a mechanizim for removing someone in a position of power besides elections, you must be missing something because that is a crucial part of democracies.

Off-Topic / Re: Caspian Sea monster in detail
« on: 23-03-2010, 21:03:19 »
Only 1 pic of the inside  :-[

Off-Topic / Re: Aviator's License
« on: 17-03-2010, 01:03:36 »
I was in a local program for advanced students, somewhat similar to IB. It was set up in a university fashion.
And i didnt claim it was the hardest :P Just one of them.

Off-Topic / Re: Aviator's License
« on: 16-03-2010, 23:03:01 »
Well good luck to ya, be prepared though, you cant possibly imagine how hard University will be for those type of degrees. I tried a semester of engineering and it was quite a shock, and this is coming from an honors student in one of the most difficult high school programs in NA. Study hard and never slack off. The first year is always the hardest. ;D

Off-Topic / Re: Favorite national Anthem!
« on: 16-03-2010, 02:03:52 »
Hatikva Israel Anthem first

Russia Anthem in second place

and I personnaly hate the canadian one.
The canadian bastard take this anthem from us; the Québécois.  ;D

Oh Quebec, get over yourselves  :P

I jest i jest

Off-Topic / Re: Aviator's License
« on: 13-03-2010, 08:03:37 »
Military is always a good route for that. Its what im doing.

AHAHAHAHA!!! Hey! this guy is gonna be a jet pilot. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!111!!one!!! Let me guess, gonna do a couple years enlisted then get your credits up to go to fork and knife school?

I'm sorry, I'm sure you'll be a *snicker* pilot in the military.
I'm enlisting in a non pilot role for a couple years and hope to eventually take the University route and hopefully be accepted as a pilot. Even if this works out ill most likely be flying antiquated prop jobs.
Also i don't need credits my grades are all well over the required for entrance into the RMC. No reason for you to be a complete douchebag about my comment.

Off-Topic / Re: rasism taken to a new level.
« on: 12-03-2010, 19:03:55 »
If anything Walmart is a godless economic tyrant lol. ;D

Off-Topic / Re: rasism taken to a new level.
« on: 12-03-2010, 19:03:19 »
Im pretty sure moose was being sarcastic. :P

Off-Topic / Re: Aviator's License
« on: 12-03-2010, 08:03:08 »
Military is always a good route for that. Its what im doing.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day (Other eras)
« on: 03-03-2010, 10:03:20 »
CF-18 on in intercept mission against a Russian Bear

Off-Topic / Re: The "I pwn you thread"
« on: 02-03-2010, 20:03:10 »
That little piece isnt steak......This is steak!

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day (Other eras)
« on: 01-03-2010, 20:03:20 »
Scorpion Light tanks during manouver's. I always loved these little beauties, and their variants like the Scimitar. THe Belgian army had Many of them, and they had excellent performance of a Tracked vehicle, and the Maintance ease of a wheeled one. Still, our lame Defense minister De crem or "Crembo" says Tracked vehicles are ftl, obsolete, useless etc and wants to phase out all tracked vehicles.
Aka Piranha III armed with machine guns and other light AP equipment are supposed to replace our Leopard tanks. Complete Bullshit imo

Canada was talking about doing that then we went to afghanistan and BAM Leo 2A6M purchases.

I dont think our tech is at the point yet where 3D can catch on.

Off-Topic / Re: The Boneyard
« on: 24-02-2010, 07:02:27 »
I wonder if there is a similar tank depot somewhere.....

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