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Off-Topic / Re: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
« on: 18-06-2010, 05:06:09 »
  Well since you have long since run out of any valid points I guess trolling is all you have left.
This here :)

Off-Topic / Re: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
« on: 13-06-2010, 00:06:51 »
Yes sadly that is true, but they save many more texts than they destroyed

Source? I have a feeling they could have destroyed more then they saved.

Off-Topic / Re: Deepwater Horizon
« on: 13-06-2010, 00:06:47 »
Hehe, relax buddy, i've heard it all before. You missed it, I generally have nothing against Canadians.... no need to get all offensive.  ::)

Ok then, just dont make such statments ;). I don't make them about americans.

Off-Topic / Re: Deepwater Horizon
« on: 12-06-2010, 02:06:50 »
He claims to be Canadian, which is worse lol..
Im sorry, would you care to elaborate on this? That is a pretty stereotypical post right there, i am interested on how being a Canadian makes me worse? Last i knew we have very similar cultures and we too have our own problems regarding oil production and its impact on the enviroment.

Your sure not helping your position with posts like this.

General Discussion / Re: Would you like to be a tadabester?
« on: 09-06-2010, 04:06:16 »
I enjoy playing rough versions of games. No idea why.

Off-Topic / Re: Problems With America?
« on: 20-05-2010, 16:05:49 »
I go to America every summer, its really not as bad as people say. Sure there are problems, but every country has them......and yes that means europe to. For one your education system has low standards compared to Canada and Europe and yes there is too much religion in politics for my taste. But you can find major problems in my county too, my province essentially is a one Party State with no other real choices, and our so called "Human Rights Commission" regularly tries to stiffle free speech to protect peoples feelings. If i want to call someone a ni**er it doesnt make it right, but never should it be illegal.

Alberta, Canada, 19.

Ps. Cut that Quebecois shit out alakazou, Its not a country  :P

Off-Topic / Re: Deepwater Horizon
« on: 14-05-2010, 21:05:54 »
No, the oilsands is no where near as bad as this oil spill. Ive been to them cause i live here, they overstate the problem.

Iirc the problem isn't obvious at first, but the contaminated waste in the oil sands tailing ponds, which are open to the environment and are leaking, is what makes the thing so bad.
Yes but it is 100X easier to clean up these things on land (especially this terrain) then in water. Also there tailing ponds can be reclaimed. There is a 100 hectare Oilsands site that is not a forest park with trails.

Off-Topic / Re: Deepwater Horizon
« on: 14-05-2010, 15:05:48 »
No, the oilsands is no where near as bad as this oil spill. Ive been to them cause i live here, they overstate the problem.

Off-Topic / Re: American Expeditionary Force
« on: 12-05-2010, 07:05:35 »
Not saying they didnt fight, just not like ww2. The Germans had been Ground down alot by the time the Americans arrived. Also the Canadians had just a big as an impact as the US in breaking the  German lines, look up Hundred Days Offensive.

Off-Topic / Re: American Expeditionary Force
« on: 12-05-2010, 07:05:43 »
Americas big contribution to WW1 was its factories. They didnt provide the huge boost in manpower like in WW2. Most of the fighting was done by the European powers and Major Commonwealth Countries Like Canada, Australia, India and S Africa.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 11-05-2010, 07:05:43 »
Nice photo!
Little fun-fact: The Bundeswehr uses the same tri-pod models as anti-air mount for the MG3. I had the "pleasure" of carrying one during a march and use it with another comrade during simulated air raids, so the pic made me smile a bit since we had the same set-up (well, one was at the gun while the other scanned the sky...all in my plattoon had 6 tri-pods and 6 mgs...was a nasty march, with air raid alerts every few hundred meters...stupid instructors -.-).
Would those not be completely inefective Anti air weapons now days?

Off-Topic / Re: Bomb Scare in Times Square, N.Y.C....
« on: 03-05-2010, 06:05:34 »
I have my doubts this was directly linked to an extremist group. The whole thing was very amature. He just put a bag of non ammonium nitrate fertilizer not mixed with anything and hoped it would explode with the propane. It could have blow but it would have been a small one due to there only being 2 propane tanks, and thats assuming he even had enough gas in there. I could build a better bomb if i googled it for 10 minutes.

Off-Topic / Re: Chernobyl
« on: 28-04-2010, 19:04:29 »
For the people saying we might run out of uranium, Canada has a couple million tonnes alone, and we are only the 5th largest supply or something. By the time we could possibly use it all up we will have fusion reactors or something.
For comparison a very large reactor will only use around 80 tonnes of fuel every 8-10 years. This means that Canada alone could fuel over 12500 reactors for ten years on know reserves only. There are 437 reactors including research and expirimental types operating world wide with 55 in construction. Im guessing some are soon to be decomisioned as well.

Also some of these rectors are old non-efficiant types. For example India produces 4000Mw with 18 reactors while Germany produces 20000Mw with only 17.

Off-Topic / Re: ROKN Corvette sunk after unknown cause
« on: 26-04-2010, 07:04:14 »
The South Koreans would slaughter the North if war broke out. The big reason the South does not want war is the economic fallout resulting from inheariting a third world country.

Off-Topic / Re: Caspian Sea monster in detail
« on: 26-03-2010, 09:03:03 »
Um, its just an American rigid airship........
This is pre-ww2 tech  ???

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