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Off-Topic / Re: Call of Duty 4 multiplayer
« on: 30-06-2009, 06:06:16 »
I love the MP44(STG44)for its accuracy and since it was acctually put into a MODERN Warfare game =D

Suggestions / Re: PoWs
« on: 23-06-2009, 05:06:34 »
Maybe players can be POWs,if a player is way behind enemy territory and doesnt wana go into hiding he can just go out to a enemy patrol(squad)and surrender.The people talkin about the sheep are going waaaaay off topic(BTW)

Take a Stuart/Crusader and ram it into the nearest Tiger Tank,then fire your main gun at it once and run,leavin the back of your tank exposed to the Tiger,which will shoot a round into you and go right through your tank and right out the front and tk a Panzer 4 right infront of you,while mysteriously noone in your tank got harmed while theres a big hole in the back of your tank.

General Discussion / Re: Dream kit.
« on: 22-06-2009, 06:06:06 »
1.Shovel(with sharpened edges incase a whack to the head wont kill an enemy)
2.Colt M1911
3.Thompson M1928
4.M1 Garand
6.M2 Flamethrower

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