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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 12-03-2019, 17:03:03 »
Generally loss reports are more credible than kill counts, which are often enflated and hard to track during combat. There is also an incentive in internal reports to inflate enemy losses, but not reporting your own lost vehicles is rather foolish, since that means not receiving replacements or being assigned missions above your strength. So in historical science you ususally check kill claims by looking at the opposing sides losses for the day. In the past this was rather hard to achieve for the Soviet side, but after the opening of Russian archives it has become easier and shown that German kill claims for the Eastern Front were (as for all sides) greatly exaggerated.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 04-03-2019, 18:03:31 »
The mad Hattler.

General Discussion / Re: Feedback Thread: Motovskiy Bay
« on: 18-02-2019, 21:02:44 »
Thanks for the feedback. The Soviet unit had actually more SVT40s than Mosin Nagants. Not as many smgs though, so those wont be unlimited as they usually are.

General Discussion / Feedback Thread: Motovskiy Bay
« on: 13-02-2019, 22:02:49 »
Leave your feedback about the WIP map here!

Makes no sense, if anything the rifleman should have the ammunition. The MG is there to shoot the ammunition, not carry extra rounds.

General Discussion / Re: Sounds stolen from FH2?
« on: 03-02-2019, 22:02:32 »
I dont think we recorded those sounds, they are probably either from BF 1942 or from some public sound library natty bought at some point.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 02-02-2019, 21:02:09 »
I think that is the Stalingrad Univermag.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 01-02-2019, 13:02:23 »
The next video on my Youtube channel will have a leak.

General Discussion / Re: Ranks and Unlocks?
« on: 18-01-2019, 00:01:19 »
That system was designed at a time where these ranking system had a more "long term" perspective.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 04-01-2019, 18:01:36 »
No this is on purpose so people don't jump into guns and immediatly fire.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 24-12-2018, 09:12:25 »
Generally speaking when making cover for infantry it is best to cluster the objects a bit so they are more useful for that purpose.

General Discussion / Re: FH
« on: 22-12-2018, 15:12:05 »
The last official ones, but unofficial teams are still working on it, especially FHSW.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 07-12-2018, 06:12:47 »
Isn't that the stalingrad univermag building? you shouldn't use these kinds of specific statics on a map they don't belong in.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 27-11-2018, 14:11:23 »
Weird coincidence, I will be in Osterode am Harz on Thursday.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 22-11-2018, 20:11:42 »
Easy: bail out and shoot them with your infantry weapon. That is basically the equivalent of that.

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