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General Discussion / Re: Signatures!
« on: 29-03-2009, 18:03:08 »
Thanks for the help but I can't even read Grenadier Batallion now  ;D
I'll get a new sig..
Someone who wants to donate a nice Normandy screenshot so I can have a nice signature?

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Avatars
« on: 29-03-2009, 18:03:48 »
Any change you might have some of these with Normandy stuff?

General Discussion / Re: Signatures!
« on: 29-03-2009, 18:03:53 »
Alright, I'll use this thread to ask for resizing.
Can someone resize this signature without stretching it? So more like Zero's sig.

And this avatar which was resized before by Lightning, haven't tried it out yet but it might be resized so if it has to be resized:

Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« on: 29-03-2009, 18:03:04 »
Good thrash metal all the way.

General Discussion / Re: Welcome home Sanitarium...
« on: 29-03-2009, 18:03:46 »
Hello there. I feel like a nomad at the moment. We had a camp at The Exiled Gamers, guess we have to abandon that one. Pityfull.
Anyways good to be here. Though everything I had has to be resized now.

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