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Gaming / Re: Any games like Master of Orion?
« on: 15-04-2013, 00:04:35 »
Distant Worlds is quite similar. But it's expensive, it's not a good idea to buy it without a special offer (there surely will be one when the next expansion is released, i.e. soon).

FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH2 freezes computer
« on: 11-04-2013, 20:04:50 »
The first thing to check with computer freezes is the memory, that's the most common cause (especially with memory hungry programs like BF2).

You can do this with memtest ( ). Run it for 12 hours at least. ;)

Well, there are 2 possibilities:
- The Soundblaster Z doesn't feature the hardware acceleration of the X-fi and so can't run properly with X-fi or hardware settings (although I think Creative advertises soundblasters Z still support EAX and OpenAL)
- The Soundblaster Z actually has a software emulation of EAX 5.0 but as usual, they coded their drivers with club-feet and nothing works.  ;D

Anyway, if someone wants to buy a soundcard, I would definitively advise him to have a look at the Asus ones.
I've always used Creative ones and I was mostly satisfied (even though there were some problems), but everything since the Recon 3D is twice the price, the hardware acceleration is gone and the sound quality went down.
There's not a single reason anymore to bother with their products (and their crap drivers  :-X)

edit: While I think about it, there might be an easy fix though. Go in the Creative control panel, EAX effects tab. Check that the "EAX effects intensity" slider is at 0 dB. If it's higher it could be the source of your problems.  ;)

Modding / Re: My First Real Attempt at Modeling (Go Easy)
« on: 15-03-2013, 14:03:55 »
Well, I think the previous lighting was quite good, all you needed was to change the saturation, maybe add a tad of yellow.

Now the color is too dark, you barely see the texture details anymore.  ;)

Modding / Re: My First Real Attempt at Modeling (Go Easy)
« on: 14-03-2013, 15:03:11 »
Nice toy.  ;D

If you mind a suggestion though, try desaturating a bit the texture of the main part. Right now it's too greenish to look natural in my opinion.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Film Grain Removal
« on: 20-02-2013, 23:02:05 »
if you bother to read this thread you would know that it's not the case (maybe it was in the beggining but not anymore)
Yes, I certainly have no clue about this problem. After all, I use the alternate shader only since 2.4 was released ...

Really, what is the point in whining that some people might have an unfair advantage with this ? If you're really stupid enough to believe that, then use the effect-less shader as well and stop bothering us.

Then feel free to open another thread to whine that people playing with a high-end computer have an unfair advantage compared to people playing this with a laptop @15 fps. Practical proposal ? Cap the framerate to 15 fps for everyone ...
And call me a cheater for still using a CRT monitor as well, after all I can have more FPS and absolutely no input lag compared to most of you LCD users.
And build a stake for the guys having optical fiber as well. <10ms ping, that's a crime when some others are stuck with >200ms ...

No seriously ... grow up.  >:(

General Discussion / Re: Film Grain Removal
« on: 20-02-2013, 21:02:26 »
It's always a pleasure to see how nice some people are around.

How do you dare calling people cheaters for removing effects that ruin their eyes ?  ::)

General Discussion / Re: FH2.45 Feedback
« on: 26-01-2013, 00:01:16 »
Also, the film grain is simply awful.  :P I used Korsakov's outstanding fix, but alas it does not seem up to date (Keren looked heavily desaturated). Could anyone please either tell me how I can remove film grain on my own or post a fix for the 2.45 shaders? I would highly appreciate that!

I posted again the 2.4 shaders without grain/color tweaks a while ago here  ;)

Gaming / Re: The most anticipated games of 2013
« on: 03-01-2013, 13:01:02 »
Distant Worlds: Shadows  ;D

Oh, and I won't spit on M&B 2 and RTW 2 as well.

Suggestions / Re: Mumble
« on: 02-01-2013, 13:01:52 »
This might be useful ... Or not, so far VOIP does the job quite properly and I don't want to install yet another program.

However, what upsets me is that someone completely RUINED the sound quality of VOIP on 762 since that Mumble is available ...  ::)

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Lag problem
« on: 10-11-2012, 16:11:32 »
Unfortunately, the BF2 engine only use one of your cpu cores.  That core is not used exclusively by FH2.exe.  He's shared across all processes/services running on your computer.  Reducing the number of processes running on you computer free the core running fh2.exe, improving FPS, even for latest big buck rigs.

That might be right on an old OS like windows XP, not really optimised for multi-core CPUs (note the "might", I'm far from being convinced XP handles things THAT poorly).
But windows 7 is absolutely able to run a demanding program on one core and all the rest on others, it is not going to stack up everything on core 0 and let the others idle ...  ;)

Anyway, to answer the problem, I think Kummitus is right, try disabling SLI. This kind of technology is a nest for problems and seldom needed with nowadays GPU (unless very specific needs of course).

General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night 22
« on: 04-10-2012, 18:10:29 »
Yes, three times YES ! *

I definitively miss games with teamplay and (half  :D) serious people !

* speaking in the name of the 3 people I would surely bring  :P

@Strat_84: If you look closely, you will notice there are a lot of people complaining that are mostly/exclusively playing on hslan. So that´s no 762 issue. Also I think the developers would have told us that.

We don't live in the same world then. In yours Hslan was regularly populated during the past 2 months ?  :P

And the current tank combat system is excluding realism for the sake of gameplay. It´s no "universal truth" but 2.4 showed us that gameplay could be (more) fun and be close to realism. Option three is what I voted - and that´s a game largely influenced by realism. And that´s what FH2 was all about - or we would be playing BF1942 with better graphics as you stated yourself.

Don´t come and tell me the current system is anywhere close to realism. The Tiger is stronger than the Sherman - wow - but that´s what BF1942 also had.

You know, the problem with coming and telling 2.4 tank system was perfect and 2.45 tank system is broken is that 2.4 and 2.45 are very similar.
The only differences AFAIK (and I know the system quite well) are:
- some slight damage multipliers changes that should not have a dramatic impact on dealt damage
- decreased reload times (a gameplay change I disagree with in the current state BTW)

If you forget that, and a few bug fixes, 2.4 and 2.45 tanking systems are I.D.E.N.T.I.C.A.L.

I'm still amazed to see where this is going.

On the one hand you have Natty spreading the usual bullshit on gameplay > realism (i.e. THE moto to just do anything)

On the other hand people that pretend 1s1k is realism and exagerate on the total opposite (but that's quite a natural response to the former statements)

That doesn't mean I entirely agree with the changes that happened with 2.45, I actually repeatedly warned against some of them without any result.
But opposing realism to gameplay is just plain stupidity. Especially with a game whose main asset is to propose some kind of realism ingame. If the physical models involved in the game are good, the gameplay will naturally follow, that's a constant of most proper WWII based games. There's not need of bickering about what is supposed to be fun and what is not.

Moreover, (and I repeat myself, again ...), I'm still wondering what is actually causing the problems that are reported.
The slight modifications in damage multipliers ? I don't think so.
But everytime I noticed something a bit weird happening with tanking it was on 762. And the few times I could play on other servers I didn't notice anything. Just as pre-2.45 I also encountered some weird situations on 762 only (like a M3A4 Sherman facing a Marder at medium range, both stationary, and having to land 3 shots on the Marder's front to kill him, while the marder only managed to deal limited damage to the sherman as well).

So I genuinely wonder, might there be untold server side modifications, or any other reason responsible for this mess on 762 servers only. And please don't take this as another episode of the endless 762 vs the rest of the world story, I'm seriously wondering as I don't see any other logic answer with the informations I have.

edit: typos

Bug Reporting / Re: Churchill APDS Totalize
« on: 21-09-2012, 00:09:02 »
If I remember well the 75mm ROQF is nothing more than a rechambered 6 pdrs. Not surprising if they both look similar.  ;)

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