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Modding / My First Real Attempt at Modeling (Go Easy)
« on: 25-12-2012, 03:12:29 »
So I've had 3DsMax for a while and never really modeled anything with it/ even knew how to use it ;D but I always wanted to try. So I took a look at a bunch of beginner tutorials (even made Toddel's house tutorial) and decided to see if I could even make something resembling an object that I could then UV and texture later. (Maybe if I learn to model well eventually and tweak this it could even be added in :P, who knows)

I made this regardless of any poly count vert count etc... I just wanted to make something that looks like the picture.

So very basically I started with simple shapes (boxes, planes, cylinders, tubes) and kinda mashed them together to make the shapes. This is probably not the most efficient way of modeling, and it's def. not the most optimal way, in terms of making things that could be used as a game asset.
For one the shapes aren't all attached to one another, they're just floating in space in the spots where they should be, and secondly they have faces that dont face outward. aka faces that wouldn't be seen in a game and therefore just take up space. These are all just results of modeling with objects and putting them together like this. Instead of say planer modeling, that I've seen a few tutorials of. But that seemed like it'd be better used for more complex shapes. Whereas this is pretty much a cylinder at its most basic.

What I'm really wondering is if this is an acceptable way of beginner modeling? Is this a good way to start? To throw objects together and then later go and delete the interior faces that won't be seen? (and then further optimize it so that it fits the constraints of the game engine etc.)

That being said I started with the B4 Italian Anti Personel Mine. The reason for this; I found some good front, back, top, references of it on the internet and it looked to be pretty basically shaped. Something I could throw together with a few of the basic shapes in 3DsMax. (also, I thought it'd be cool to eventually throw this into FH2 myself to replace the S-Mine for Italy :P)

And here's the main reference photo I've been using

I'm in no way saying that this is close to finished, in fact far from it. This is still very WIP and I'm just looking for feedback from the community or maybe even some devs as to how to move forward from here. Ik alot of you guys can model and know some good tips, tricks etc. Like I said this is my very first real model that I'm just starting out with ;D


Well since my internet is playing up and I can't play FH2 right now :p I finally got around to making some managable UVs and skinned it.

Just throwing another WIP on here for now, I'll get some proper renders after I play with the spec and normals a bit.

So I've pretty much got the spec and normals done and here's how it looks. :D

Spec and Normals are alot more noticable in a real time renderer, but in all I believe it came out pretty well. :)

It's INGAME! After hours of tutorials it's finally ingame. Aside from some scaling issues and using the smine animations it's ingame and working properly.

So a little background: I've been playing FH2 since it's begun and have never run into connectivity problems before. I live on the East Coast in America and usually play on hslan or 762 with a ping of around 110-112. (I've come to terms with the fact that it won't really get any lower than that). When it's populated I usually try to play on Wolf; my ping usually gets down in the 30-40 range.

That was all fine untill very recently I came back from school and decided to start up some FH. I jumped onto the 126 player server in Finland right away to see what all the fuss was about. Now I had never used this server before and my ping was in the 300's; I just thought that it was due to the server stresses of connecting 126 people or whatever. After the server switched to running vanilla BF2 I tried jumping back to a regualr game on 762 or hslan only to find that my ping has now permanently jumped to around 222-262. Even on Wolf my ping is in the high 100's, and trying to connect to Tactical Gamer in PR my ping is now in the 100's (it was in the low 60s before). Because of this, the game is almost unplayable. Everyone else is a half second ahead of me. I can only shoot at stationary targets and I have to lead moving people by 2-4 meters if they're medium range. If a person happens to be right in front of me, well then I'm dead before I can even see them. 

I've tried most of the common sense fixes. I restarted my internet. Hit the reset button on my DSL, I even went through and taped up any holes that were in the Ethernet cord just to see if that would work. Now I'm by far a "savy" person when it comes to fixing my connection so I decided to come here as I've run out of options.

If anybody can help to find a solution to this problem it would be well appreciated. I should let you know that while trying to play I have no background tasks runnning nor am I downloading anything, Windows is not trying to update and my Norton Atinvirus software hasn't found any viruses that should be slowing down my computer. I have Windows 7 (not that it should matter) and I can let you know my other computer specs if need be.

I would just like to know if there are any other fixes that I haven't tried, or if maybe it's something bigger than just my DSL or computer (like my provider or something). This is a great mod and I'd hate to miss out on the new releases because of this.

Sorry if this has been posted, but I looked through all the stickies in this forum and found nothing. The basic problem is this: ever since 2.26 I've been having a problem with my ping. For the first few days FH2 ran fine on all servers, i would get a ping of about 112 on hslan and some others but that was fine. But then all of a sudden, my ping would start to jump to 500 or 1020 at some points. i looked through these forums for someone who's had a similar problem and found that I just had to reinstall FH2 and make sure not to mod it. (adding other maps or whatever that I've found on the internet) So I did that and it ran fine again for a while untill it started doing it again. i tried the same fix but this time it didn't work. I still get my ping jumping to 500 regulary making it impossible to play.

Has anyone else had problems like this?
Is there any fix or is it something with the server?

Modding / Cloning FH2.exe
« on: 18-03-2010, 21:03:31 »
Is it possible for me to clone FH2.exe for my personal SP minimod I use to mod? I already cloned the folder but that uses the FH2.exe and so the only way for me to start my 'fh2_sp' is through the custom games tab, which causes wavy shaders and stuff. The only way for me to do this is to make a new.exe that does the same thing as Fh2.exe but with the 'fh2_sp' files. any idea how to do this?

Modding / modding problem
« on: 17-01-2010, 01:01:57 »
I downloaded a map from the BFSP forums, Kasserine Pass, and i was looking to put it into FH for my fun and personal singleplayer use. Now I played the map in BF2 to see if it worked, which it did, and I just transferred it over into the FH2 levels folder and edited the GPO.con and init.con in order for it to work in FH. the only thing I did different was I took the level settings part of Mareth Line's init.con (just the part with the kits) and replaced the kits in Kasserine pass with that. Also I changed the British Kits and player models to American Ones from I think Operation Luttich. I also changed the part with flags and voices to American. But whenever I load the map I crash when i hit Join game, just before the kit selection pops up and I get no error message. I also tried to switch the American kits to British again but it won't work.... Any ideas on what happened?

FH2 Help / Support / Graphical Glitch
« on: 16-01-2010, 03:01:04 »
for some reason it seems like all the graphics in game are on low even though I run everything on high. I'll go and check my settings and they still say high but whenever im ingame I get these low crappy looking textures. usually after I restart the game does the graphics go back to high but recently this has been happening more and is getting quite annoying. Any ideas on whats happening?

Modding / Question about FH1 maps
« on: 23-05-2009, 22:05:28 »
I was wondering how to transfer a map from FH1 over to FHE for my personal use. Im under the impression that since its for my personal use and will not be distrubuted or anything that I do not need to seek permission. If im wrong Ill seek the appropriate permission ASAP. But, my goal is to transfer some FH1 maps over to FHE so I can use FHE's effects and iron sights on more than 1 map. Any help is appreciated.

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