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General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 12-05-2019, 17:05:04 »

Quote from: Sgt.Steiner.Cross
I am the best spotter here!

^ This guy spots. :D

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 30-04-2019, 08:04:27 »

Continuing the "indecently shaped tank appendages" theme  ;D

Off-Topic / Re: Happy Birthday Natty Wallo!
« on: 28-04-2019, 16:04:08 »
Happy birthday grumpy old man!

Here's a  8) for old times sake!

I can't imagine how maps like Mersa Matruh, Bardia and Crete would be hated if it weren't for Natty's magic making them at least pretty to look at, even if they play bad at times...

Heck, they might now even have suffered the same fate as Aberdeen...

Phoney war hmm...          a map centered around a village...          something doesn't add up.  8)

Will there be an objective game mode version where as the French you have to retreat to win the round ? ;D

Here we go again

At least your nation isn't known for leading a "cavalry charge against tanks"

I think we will code a FH2 feature  where LuckyOne can only use pzr1 in combat vs char b1bis

Sounds great I love a good challenge!  8)

This is really interesting!

Will there be an objective game mode version where as the French you have to retreat to win the round ? ;D

General Discussion / Re: Feedback Thread: Motovskiy Bay
« on: 18-02-2019, 20:02:38 »
I played 2 rounds, mostly on the Soviet side.

I quite liked the map. It proves that interesting maps are possible in the Battlefield 2 engine that use mostly the terrain to drive the gameplay.

I also agree some spawn points could use more cover, mostly on the middle and northern flags.

I liked how the map allows for a wide range of flanking maneuvers. The eastern part of the map didn't seem to be used much but occasionally the focus shifted there.

I'm not sure how it will play with full pickup kits but it kinda seems the Soviets have too many semi-autos.
Nvm just read up on the battle and the availability seems accurately represented.

Off-Topic / Re: Let's talk business...
« on: 11-02-2019, 23:02:50 »

If you´re just interested to invest some spare money of yours I´d suggest reading up on ETFs that replicate broad economical indices like the MSCI World or such. It´s less exciting than finding the next Facebook, but over time yields these shpuld yield solid returns.

Thanks for your input. I do realize this this sort of thing has about an 85 % chance of failure... But I guess it's still better odds than playing the lottery. ;D

I know how small firms operate, and being in the tech sector I also know how all kinds of bullshit can be sold to the tech unsavvy investors.

The problem is that it's kinda hard to invest in ETFs in the fringe parts of EU. The fees from currency conversion and brokerage tend to eat away decent parts of the profit so you have to invest in bigger lump sums, at least that was the case when I last researched stuff like Vanguard. So I don't plan to risk a lot on this sort of gambling. Just something that would get me like... a nice small city car on a successful exit.

Maybe things will change when banks and brokers finally start offering minimal fee mobile app investing. Right now I just stick to my bank's mutual funds and various types of savings accounts for the main part of my investments.


Thanks, nice to hear that it's actually working and that people use them "smart" things. I do feel that for example a smart rack manufacturer startup has a greater potential to succeed compared to the startup focusing on a bikesharing service/platform.  I think they aren't that critically dependent on the users because they can still sell the racks to companies, local government and public utilities. Whereas a bikesharing app has to get a critical mass of users quickly or it will never take off.

Anyway let's keep the discussion going, I'm really interested where other Euros keep their money. With Brexit looming and traditional savings accounts yields at the lowest historical levels we're in a really interesting situation. Southern and Eastern Europeans traditionally keep most of their "savings" in the form of real estate, but with the tax "reforms", exorbitant prices and the countryside slowly getting abandoned it's becoming less appealing every day.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 10-02-2019, 16:02:20 »
While the PR's method is pretty much the only feasible and flexible way of doing this, it also has the drawback where you could do this anywhere. So you'd have a gunner standing in the middle of a road with the gun deployed on nothing and firing with the increased accuracy the bipod would give you.

Actually there might be another way of doing it, but it would probably have some limitations. What if you make the MGs deployable like those in the deployable MG kit? That way you can still deploy it on a sandbag, low wall or a wooden crate...

The limits are that sometimes it gets lost because of buggy statics and I'm not sure if it's possible to have linked ammo between the "deployable" and the normal version. Oh and another thing is it increases the load on the server IIRC.

However I see either that or the PR way being the only way forward for FH2 otherwise newer games will steal all the players. Even bloody H&G got bipods in a recent patch FFS!

Having said that the devs have a proven track record of being really stubborn regarding gameplay changes because of the delicate map balance so you shouldn't get your hopes up JellySoda.

I've personally been campaigning for some things for years but the last major gameplay change I can remember was the angle mod back in 2.4

When have you ever ran out of ammo?

I mostly run out of ammo when "camping" in "unusual" places where devs didn't think of placing an ammo box. But as MG man it's not often, only when I'm trying to provide some "covering" fire, despite it being of limited use in FH2, compared to PR for example.

Hovewer I do often run out of grenade/AT/smoke ammo as an assault/rifleman/scout/bazooka man, especially when assaulting a position. In those moments I would very much like to have a teammate capable of resupplying me.

Not all flags have ammo boxes and most of the ammo boxes are placed to benefit the defenders. I think it would be a good idea to throw a bone to the attackers too...

I think it's enough that there are pick-up kits with a rifle and an ammo bag

Yes, but those only resupply vehicles and are usually used by artillery men. I'd very much like a separate kit for resupplying the common grunts.

Awkward big gun with somewhat limited ammo supply and a pea shooter? How are you using MGs?

MGs are killer beasts!

It was obviously a hyperbole to get your attention. It seems I've succeeded at that  :)

About the proposal: I don't think this will work well, there are enough ammo resupply points for the MG gunner to go to. And APCs on top of that.

There are enough resupply points at predetermined places. Any attempt of "creative" gameplay (ambushes, rearguard actions, delaying the attackers before they can get to a flag, a few guys mining an enemy resupply route) are really limited because APCs/trucks are big and loud (and also show up on minimap!), especially if you don't (can't ?) get a SL active.

I just feel there's a perfectly fine gameplay mechanic not being utilized to its full potential. There should at least be a kit catering to people who like to play FH2 in that unconventional way

Off-Topic / Let's talk business...
« on: 08-02-2019, 22:02:38 »
So, I've been thinking of throwing some spare cash into this whole "invest in a startup" idea.

With the development of crowdfunding and crowdfinancing sites burning your money by playing the startup lottery has never been easier, so maybe i should stop financing my bookie's next house and start betting on real people with smart ideas!  ;D

Now I sure can't pick the next Apple or Facebook so I should stick to the stuff I understand... Such as apps & software. And cycling I guess?  8)

Has anyone here ever used these cool new high-tech bike parking racks that require an app to unlock? Do they seem like a reasonable development to you?

I can't shake the feeling of the idea being really stupid (one bug / dead battery / dropped phone away from having your bike locked forever) but lots of people seem to be really impressed by the whole sharing & gig economy and green mobility movements.

Anyone from a "developed" country not stuck in the "oil" age care to share their experiences? I heard this smart cycling and bike sharing stuff is getting popular in Estonia, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway etc... China is also big on this but I know we don't have many Asians around here

Makes no sense, if anything the rifleman should have the ammunition. The MG is there to shoot the ammunition, not carry extra rounds.

Yes, from a historical perspective it should be carried by the rifleman. But from a gameplay perspective it has a few problems.

For example, since the rifleman kit isn't limited and carries grenades it has potential to increase grenade spam significantly, which can be a problem on some maps.

If you give it to the MG you only marginally increase the amount of grenade spam, and increase the potential for the MG to provide covering fire for the rest of his squad , because it's less worried about conserving ammo.

You also increase the potential for "teamwork". For example if the MG guy can drop his bag next to the SL or resupply the AT guy it can help when smoke grenades or rockets are limited and your squad can't get a dedicated scout.

I mean the MG guy, like the SL is mostly stationary so it's easier to get to him when you actually need ammo ( mostly for rockets, grenades or smines, and only rarely for SMGs/rifles).

Just think about it. It works in newer Battlefields so I don't see why it wouldn't work in FH2, which is still very much Battlefield at its core

We all know that every kit in FH2 has something that makes it special.

The scout has it's binoculars and smines.
The rifleman has the grenade launcher (usually).
The assault has a badass SMG that's basically unbeatable at close range and mostly a different grenade.
The AT kit is the only one who can effectively fight armor.
The engineer has a wrench, mines and explosives (and let's not forget those silly flags and often the mine detector)
The SL gets binoculars, a last ditch sidearm and some smokes (and sometimes a fancy hat!). And he's the only one who gets to choose between a rifle and an SMG.

The Support gets an awkward big gun that can often only be deployed prone, with somewhat limited ammo supply and a pea shooter...

... Wait that doesn't sound that fun, doesn't it?

How about we make the MG kit more useful in it's intended role as a base of fire and support kit by giving it back the ammo bag it lost .

Think about it... The MGs in WW2 mostly use the same ammo caliber as the rifles. Wouldn't it be logical to share that ammo with your teammates when they run dry?

I mean most of the MGs in WW2 were crewed by a few men (gunner and assistant loader ?) so we can just imagine all that ammo being carried by the loader...

There can never be enough Shermans Springfields!

Nice job.

Suggestions / Re: Facelifting old & disliked maps
« on: 04-01-2019, 22:01:48 »
^ Maybe a (temporary) solution is to copy maps and keep the SP supported ones unchanged for the time being?

What I mean is, there would be siege_of_tobruk as a facelifted MP map,  and siege_of_tobruk_sp as an unchanged SP only map... You could even remove conquest mode from the sp ones so they don't accidentally get included in the rotation by server owners...

Off-Topic / Happy New Year!
« on: 01-01-2019, 17:01:58 »
Best wishes to everyone in this wonderful small community! May the next year bring many good things, just as the previous one did!

And special thanks to the devs (and server owners/admins) for keeping FH2 up and running and providing a proven cure for boredom!

❇️ ❇️ ❤️ :D ❇️ ❇️

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