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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SUGGESTIONS FOR THE AI DEV(S)
« on: 22-06-2019, 12:06:05 »

MY SUGGESTION: Add this python plugin to Coop/Solo to restore artillery and supply drops -

Excellent idea! I have recently reinstalled BF2142 and SP is much more fun when the commander is active

Sorry if I came out as too negative. I just wanted to state the fact that human communities die, with the passing of time. Both the physical, as well as the "virtual" like this one. It's inevitable but natural.

That's nothing to be sad about. In fact it should be a call to cherish what we still have, a more than 10 year old mod still being actively enjoyed by a decent number of people, while many others have perished (this includes both the mods and sadly, the people behind them).

But while there are still us, who hop on from time to time and enjoy the splendid work they've made they will never be truly forgotten.

So, keep playing, keep creating and keep remembering!  :D

I think the issue is... FH2's fate was sealed when it stopped "evolving". When a mod is "done" (talking in terms of gameplay, not actual content) it will only ever attract players already familiar with the games that offer similar gameplay (usually older games, as players will naturally try to find the next-gen game that offers the same / similar gameplay they are already familiar with).

That's how mods actually became popular in the first place, as previously new sequels of games from the same franchise did not come out almost every year and the only way to get "the game you love, but better" was to install a few mods to make it better).

Now in FH2's case that pool of potential newcomers has shrinked to a minimum. BF1942 / FH1 / BF 1943 / RO1 and its mods are all effectively dead and there will seldom be anyone new coming from there.

Unfortunately I have recently realized the "window" where FH2 can experiment with new gameplay options (introduce new game modes / refocus on different mechanics / try to attract a different audience) has closed.

Any changes now could potentially be devastating to the existing playerbase because "old fans" will not agree with them, and besides that the potential dev pool has also shrinked to nothing, which means there is effectively no manpower that could bring FH2 into the "next decade".

I believe the last chance was about 4 years ago when PR went standalone. That was the "last blaze of glory" of the good old BF2 engine. The devs missed that opportunity because they didn't want to risk having legal issues with EA. And somehow the cross-promotion with PR was also not very successful (or taken advantage of), although it did provide a small boost to player numbers.

So FH2 is destined to become the next FH1, eventually the community will take over and focus just on adding new fronts / maps and rehashing old content in previously rarely seen / unseen combinations.

Of course, it will still be religiously played (eventually only on weekends) just like FH1 / FHSW by a small contigent of die-hards and nostalgia seekers.

The only way out would be for someone to start working on FH3 and eventually attract new devs and new audience... That way the old community could move on, the old fans would come back and potentially new players would flock to the "next iteration" of the gameplay they all know and love.


Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 13-06-2019, 22:06:49 »
^ All I see is:

Damn this Rebel Nazi scum! ;D

To stay on topic:

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 10-06-2019, 22:06:40 »
Is it possible to make the Meuse river a no-go zone ? I mean the river itself...

It's a bit stupid that infantry can swim in it... I mean there's these beautifully made bridges and defensive positions with sandbags but almost no actual firefights occur on the bridges...

I think this would be a much more interesting map then. The Allies can try to hold the right side of the map and cut off Axis infantry, but they can easily be encircled and cut off if the Axis manage to cap Town and get a squad guarding the northernmost bridge.

There's also great high ground around the river itself on both sides that now gets utilized way less than it would be expected in the military sense...

Dang, this ancient version even has the Gold Rush as an official game mode!

(It would be awesome to have that back, as an April Fools or Christmas Special maybe ? Just for shits and giggles... :) )

I have no idea what happened with 762 but I don't see new servers popping up as a bad thing...

One thing the devs could do is to offer to bring back the old "official" ranking / stats system that was abandoned after 762 monopolized the playerbase, and offer the Russians / CMP / whoever there is to connect to it.

I'd imagine quite a few players are pissed that they lost their "ranks" on the new servers, which is why they don't play (for now - I'm sure they'll get over it eventually ?)

Also, bear in mind FH2 is now quite old, and there's a ton of WW2 / realism games coming out lately, and I'd imagine there's a bit of a playerbase overlap which is why FH2 is slowly losing numbers.

It will pick back up after the next release, or when the novelty of the new games wears off.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 19-05-2019, 00:05:19 »
Could the German armored cars be featured on more maps ?

For example, I believe a Puma can be used on Villers Bocage...

Maybe replace the Kubel with it since the Schwimmwagen is already featured there and serves basically the same purpose. The map might need some re-balancing if it's introduced though... Maybe replace the Stuart Recce with the Normandy skinned Daimler for Brits then ? Would be an interesting matchup, Puma vs Daimler!

I'd also love to see the 222 in Normandy camo with the improved long barelled 20 mm gun, but we probably don't have a map where it could historically have been used ? :

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 12-05-2019, 17:05:04 »

Quote from: Sgt.Steiner.Cross
I am the best spotter here!

^ This guy spots. :D

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 30-04-2019, 08:04:27 »

Continuing the "indecently shaped tank appendages" theme  ;D

Off-Topic / Re: Happy Birthday Natty Wallo!
« on: 28-04-2019, 16:04:08 »
Happy birthday grumpy old man!

Here's a  8) for old times sake!

I can't imagine how maps like Mersa Matruh, Bardia and Crete would be hated if it weren't for Natty's magic making them at least pretty to look at, even if they play bad at times...

Heck, they might now even have suffered the same fate as Aberdeen...

Phoney war hmm...          a map centered around a village...          something doesn't add up.  8)

Will there be an objective game mode version where as the French you have to retreat to win the round ? ;D

Here we go again

At least your nation isn't known for leading a "cavalry charge against tanks"

I think we will code a FH2 feature  where LuckyOne can only use pzr1 in combat vs char b1bis

Sounds great I love a good challenge!  8)

This is really interesting!

Will there be an objective game mode version where as the French you have to retreat to win the round ? ;D

General Discussion / Re: Feedback Thread: Motovskiy Bay
« on: 18-02-2019, 20:02:38 »
I played 2 rounds, mostly on the Soviet side.

I quite liked the map. It proves that interesting maps are possible in the Battlefield 2 engine that use mostly the terrain to drive the gameplay.

I also agree some spawn points could use more cover, mostly on the middle and northern flags.

I liked how the map allows for a wide range of flanking maneuvers. The eastern part of the map didn't seem to be used much but occasionally the focus shifted there.

I'm not sure how it will play with full pickup kits but it kinda seems the Soviets have too many semi-autos.
Nvm just read up on the battle and the availability seems accurately represented.

Off-Topic / Re: Let's talk business...
« on: 11-02-2019, 23:02:50 »

If you´re just interested to invest some spare money of yours I´d suggest reading up on ETFs that replicate broad economical indices like the MSCI World or such. It´s less exciting than finding the next Facebook, but over time yields these shpuld yield solid returns.

Thanks for your input. I do realize this this sort of thing has about an 85 % chance of failure... But I guess it's still better odds than playing the lottery. ;D

I know how small firms operate, and being in the tech sector I also know how all kinds of bullshit can be sold to the tech unsavvy investors.

The problem is that it's kinda hard to invest in ETFs in the fringe parts of EU. The fees from currency conversion and brokerage tend to eat away decent parts of the profit so you have to invest in bigger lump sums, at least that was the case when I last researched stuff like Vanguard. So I don't plan to risk a lot on this sort of gambling. Just something that would get me like... a nice small city car on a successful exit.

Maybe things will change when banks and brokers finally start offering minimal fee mobile app investing. Right now I just stick to my bank's mutual funds and various types of savings accounts for the main part of my investments.


Thanks, nice to hear that it's actually working and that people use them "smart" things. I do feel that for example a smart rack manufacturer startup has a greater potential to succeed compared to the startup focusing on a bikesharing service/platform.  I think they aren't that critically dependent on the users because they can still sell the racks to companies, local government and public utilities. Whereas a bikesharing app has to get a critical mass of users quickly or it will never take off.

Anyway let's keep the discussion going, I'm really interested where other Euros keep their money. With Brexit looming and traditional savings accounts yields at the lowest historical levels we're in a really interesting situation. Southern and Eastern Europeans traditionally keep most of their "savings" in the form of real estate, but with the tax "reforms", exorbitant prices and the countryside slowly getting abandoned it's becoming less appealing every day.

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